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Jul 6, 2001 02:25 PM

SF Restaurant decline accelerates?

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This week the Bay Guardian says, "..from Sausalito to SOMA, restaurant business is down 15% to 40%".
Contrary to ther claims of the restaurant shills on this board ("everybody is at the lake",etc.)I notice mostly 1/2 full dining rooms at Boulevard, Gary Danko,Chaya Brasserie, etc. The bad buzz has even caught the hi-profile dot com haven Bacar.While the service is as slow and unprofessional as ever-they are a little less rude.

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  1. Walked into Hawthorne Lane last Saturday night at 730pm (party of four) and were seated with no wait. The place was busy but not packed. Try that trick a year ago. I concur.

    1. Hey, I resent the 'shill' comment. Pollyanna, maybe - shill, not!