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Jul 4, 2001 08:16 PM


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Tried this newish restaurant in Berkeley last evening. Arrived at eight o'clock. Loud piano player in the main room, more of a "downtown" feel than is typical in Berkeley (I almost felt like I was in the city for the night). We (me, hubby and stepmother) were dressed quite casual (hey, it's Berkeley) so they stuck us in a second room off the main dining room -- definitely felt like Siberia. The only baby in the restaurant was next to us. Waiter was over-eager and annoying (had the habit of loudly tapping the table with his index finger whenever he answered a question; also forgot to modify a drink order), but acceptable. The food was good, but overpriced. Most of the menu is fish. For apps hubby had roasted shrimp with garlic etc. which looked okay but smallish portion. I had frito misto, a mixture of fish, shellfish and vegetables breaded in panko (I think), served with aioli ('twas mayo). Frito was good -- large portion, not oily, clean tasting. For entrees, stepmother had the whole roasted fish (last night yellow-tailed snapper) which she said was excellent, but cost $28.00; hubby had the steak frites at $24.00. I grabbed a frite, it was very mediocre and the steak didn't look too great (he said good taste, but a thin cut); I had halibut cooked in parchment, very lemony and moist, quite good. For dessert a slice of almond torte. If you want a nice meal before/after visiting the Berkeley Rep this place fits the bill. But I wouldn't go out of my way to visit.

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  1. I tried this place last week, too...i had some oysters and then the salmon. Both were really delicious.
    my date had the soup (forgot what kind) ...though i remember trying it and liking it, too. And then had the risotto for the entree, which was also really good.
    It's a beautiful restaurant and really bartable, it's less than a 10min walk from the berkeley stop.

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      Actually, it's right next to one of the entrances to the Berkeley BART station. Even if you come out of the main entrance (at Shattuck/Central) it's only a couple minutes' walk north on Shattuck to get to it. I thought the food swung from very good to just OK; the service, however, was AWFUL.

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        Caitlin McGrath

        That's Shattuck and Center.

    2. Try bistro liaison, 4 blocks up shattuck from 'downtown'. It has better atmosphere/decor, and cheaper menu. The food is not bad.