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Mar 8, 2004 09:09 PM

Walkable chow spots from Twinbrook or Rockville Metro

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I'm going to be out that way quite a bit for a couple of weeks. Any ideas on places to chow that are walkable from the Twinbrook or Rockville Metro stops? I've been to the Lebanese Taverna Market in Congressional Plaza. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Twinbrook Metro: Across Rockville Pike from Congressional Plaza, there's Joe's Noodle House (1488 Rockville Pike, behind On The Border) and Taipei Tokyo (1596-A Rockville Pike, in the shopping center on the corner of Rockville Pike and Halpine Road). Maria's Bakery (1743 Rockville Pike) is just south of Congressional Plaza. A&J Restaurant (1319-C Rockville Pike) is a bit north of Congressional. Tom Sietsema has raved about Mykonos Grill (121 Congressional Lane).

    Rockville Metro: Bob's Noodle 66 (305 N. Washington St) is a couple blocks north of the station, just south of the intersection of Hungerford Drive (Rt. 355) and North Washington Street. You can pick up some Japanese snack food at Aji Ichiban next door. Taste of Saigon (410 Hungerford Dr) is upscale Vietmanese. Bombay Bistro (98 W Montgomery Ave) has a worthy lunch buffet. Tara Asia (199-D East Montgomery Ave) by the Regal theater has good pan-Asian food. If you don't mind hiking a bit further up Hungerford Drive, there's Pho 75 (771 Hungerford Dr), Cuban Corner (823 Hungerford Dr), and Caribbean Feast (825 Hungerford Dr).

    That should get you started. :)

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    1. re: coastcat

      In his (?) lists of restaurant near Rockville Metro, coastcat menioned Tara Asia by the Regal theater. That strip also contains a California Tortilla, which we like when we're hungry and short on time. They've combined with the Regal in offering a good deal: a burrito and a movie ticket for $10.

      1. re: coastcat

        Maria's bakery is closed -- that shopping center was demolished a month or two ago.

        Definitely do eat at Joe's Noodles -- search on this page for the discussions and ordering suggestions there.

        In addition to the suggestions already given, lunch at El Patio (on Twinbrook one block off Rockville Pike) is another good option. It is an Argentinian bakery and restaurant, with all sorts of savory pasteries (and sweet) as well as hot meals.

        Mama Lucia's is also close to the Twinbrook station (in the shopping center with Trader Joe's, Bennigans, etc.). Very good pizza and pastas.

        The Rockville metro stop is more difficult since there is little right there, but Bob's Noodles 66 and Bombay Bistro are a few blocks away from the stop and are probably your best bets there.

        1. re: Terrie H.

          . . . not really closed, but rather relocated. To a new little shopping center between the Ramada Inn and that shopping center that houses WholeFoods.

          1. re: Bonz

            Thanks! I hadn't realized that!!

          2. re: Terrie H.

            The shopping center is gone? Hmm, I need to cruise over to Rockville to check out the area again. The Greek restaurant there (Ambrosia) relocated a few months ago, that explains why they moved...

            The shopping center with Mamma Lucia and Trader Joe's is also the home of Seven Seas (it's in the back of the shopping center, facing Jefferson Street).

          3. re: coastcat

            Just some additions & some corrections to past posts:

            ROCKVILLE Metro: CA Tortilla (next to Regal Cinemas) has a burrito, beverage & movie ticket deal for $11 (not $10 - ticket can only be used at a Regal theatre, after the first 10 days of a movie's release)

            It's a LONNNNG walk (over a mile) north along on the Pike to Pho 75, Cuban Corner, All Aboard Asian Express, Cameron's Seafood, Ambrosia Grill (Greek), Caribbean Feast, and Kohr Bros. frozen custard place. Just so you know...

            Also walking distance from Rockville Metro, near the courthouse:
            Apollo Restaurant (diner w/ Greek dishes) for breakfast & lunch
            Temptations and Ben & Jerry's ice creams
            Ay Caramba Mexican self-serve
            Subway's & Quizno's & Potbelly's

            And a short walk south of the Rockville Metro brings you to all-veg Yuan Fu (tho it's not as good as Vegetable Garden, across from White Flint Metro), and restaurants in Ritchie Center (Sam's middle-eastern, pho place, Indian Grill, Mexican place, IHOP for breakfast) & Wintergreen Plaza (Benjarong Thai, Broadway Diner, Ten Ren Tea Co., Dunkin Donuts).

            TWINBROOK Metro:
            Yes, Maria's bakery & cafe is new & improved, and now open (facing the rear) in the new shopping center (which includes Mosaic Cafe for breakfast & lunch, and Armand's pizza, now with a lunch buffet) that they've built along Halpine Rd, adjacent to Congressional Plaza (which also has That's Amore & the salad bar at Whole Foods)

            Also, there's Chicken Out, 3 Brothers pizza & subs, Taipai Tokyo Cafe, Yekta kabobs, and some of the national chains, nearby along the Pike.

            A hike north (maybe 1/2 a mile) is Sam Woo's Korean lunch buffet & one of my favorite Latino grilled chicken holes-in-the-wall, El Pollo Primo. Across the Pike is Temari Japanese & some Chinese place, also A&J's (all-day Chinese dim sum), Ledo's, Indian Garden (lunch buffet), a pho place, Crisp & Juicy chicken & a sushi place. A little farther north is the aforementioned Wintergreen Plaza.

            A walk along the Pike south of Twinbrook Metro is Green Field churrascaria

            So you see, you have a LOT to choose from. Tons!

            1. re: Lauryn

              > So you see, you have a LOT to choose from. Tons!

              I sure do. Thanks, I need to plot this all out on a map, so I can be systematic.

              I only wish Montgomery County would make this area more walkable (and drivable). But still, I'd rather dodge the craziness of Rockville Pike than mess with the disney mediocrity of Bethesda.

              1. re: Lauryn

                I 2nd the rec. for Yekta Kabobs. If you go, definitely try the Cornish Hen (Jujah?) and the Ground Lamb/Beef (Koobideh). The cornish hen is so juicy and delicious.

            2. The new Urban BBQ, reviewed this past Sunday in the Post, is a good place to try. I especially liked the corn bread and side dishes (the pulled pork I had was just average).

              It's off of Twinbrook Parkway on Chapman (only a couple blocks off 355).

              1. Wow, thanks for all of the suggestions. That should keep me going for quite a while.

                And, I've been wanting to check out Joe's Noodle House for ages. Didn't realize it was walkable from the metro stop. That's very good news.

                1. Since this thread is over 5 years old, how many of these spots are still worth eating at? I'm meeting a friend at Second Story Books on Saturday and am looking for a late lunch. Something cheap, anything ethic is fine, except Thai. I'm thinking Bob's Noodle House but anything small and non-chain would be great. Thanks!

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                  1. re: monkeyrotica

                    Joe's Noodle House. Walk out to the Pike from Twinbrook metro and head north until you see a garishly-painted Mexican place on your right. Go around the corner and down a few doors to Joe's.

                    1. re: flavrmeistr

                      Thanks for the rec. Spicy tripe, five treasures casserole, and house special noodles. All delicious.

                    2. re: monkeyrotica

                      Urban BBQ is still one of my favorite places in the area. Head right when you exit the Twinbrook Metro then head south and the place is in a small shopping center on the corner by the traffic light.

                      1. re: plop82

                        With the new smoker thing they recently acquired, Urban BBQ is better than ever these days.

                      2. re: monkeyrotica

                        Bobby's crab cakes in the Rockville Town Center is not to be missed. Great crab cakes, excellent key lime pie.

                      3. Mouse,

                        Rockville Metro is definitely your best bet, when it comes to walking distance. If you come out of the side the faces the Hilton Hotel, you will be on a street called Chapman Avenue. All you need to do is walk left, or right for about 2-5 minutes to get to some nice places:

                        Walk Left On Chapman:

                        - El Patio - Argentinian Cafe at the corner of Chapman and Twinbrook Pkwy
                        - Urban BBQ
                        - Montrose Crossing Shopping Center has Tara Thai (upscale Thai), Timpanos (upscale Italian), Ambrosia (Greek/Italian).

                        Walk Right On Chapman (through the rear service road next to the Metro Station):

                        - Tokyo Taipei (Sushi and noodles)
                        - Three Brothers (Italian)
                        - Fuddruckers (Burgers & Salads)

                        If you want to venture one block further, you'll come to Rockville Pike. Within a 5-10 minute walk of the Metro, you'll find:

                        Mosaic Cafe (nice contemporary cafe food)
                        Mamma Lucia's (excellent Italian)

                        Along the way, you'll see a ton of chain restarants, as well.

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                        1. re: Sean D

                          Just to clarify, Sean means the Twinbrook metro station, not Rockville.

                            1. re: Lauman

                              All the stuff he is describing seems more like the Whiteflint area to me.

                              1. re: flavrmeistr

                                Definitely Twinbrook, which is directly behind the Hilton Hotel. BTW, had lunch at Joe's Noodle House today -- still thinking about the wontons in red sauce! Just wish I didn't have to share that dish with my two friends, could definitely have eaten the entire thing myself.

                                1. re: Lauman

                                  More friends, more food! Order more dishes!!!

                                  : )

                                  1. re: Dennis S

                                    Oh, there was plenty of food. Between the 3 of us there were 3 small plates (the wontons, cucumber salad, shredded radish) and 2 entree size dishes (spicy noodle with spinach and pork and eggplant with basil and garlic.) No one went hungry! It's just that the wontons are so delicious I could eat the entire plate myself! In fact, of all those dishes, the only one I probably wouldn't order again is the shredded radish. It was fine, just not nearly as delcious as the other four.

                            2. re: Sean D

                              Thanks, folks! I do stand corrected. It is he Twinbrook Station.