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Jul 3, 2001 02:10 PM

New place in old Socca location

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In my travels over the weekend, I noticed a new spot in the location previously occupied by Socca at about 22nd Ave. and Geary out in the avenues. Don't recall the name however, it had something to do with a slight distraction from a certain 3 1/2 year old in the back seat. Anyone else seen/heard about this and have any details? May have to do a scouting mission soon.

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  1. branc of San Rafael outfit.

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    1. re: duke dee
      Randy Salenfriend

      Thanks for the info. Drove by there again on the 4th, looks like they have left some of Socca's exterior in place while trying to spruce it up a bit. Have you tried the Marin location & if so, any thoughts?