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Jul 3, 2001 12:08 PM

4th of July Picnic HOT SPOTS

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I know this is REALLY last minute, but does anyone have suggestions for locales around the Bay Area where one could have a nice relaxing picnic AND watch some fireworks - looking for somewhere low key, the less crowded the better? ANY INFO is very much appreciated (feel free to email me personally as well).


P.S. Was thinking the Marin headlands, but not sure where you could picnic?

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    Andrew Raskin

    Point of information: I heard that this year the fireworks will be shot from very close (or on?) the Golden Gate bridge, as opposed to closer to Ft. Mason, which is where I remember them last year. Obviously this will affect optimal picnic site selection. Anyone know about this?

    1. Ring Mountain is perfect. See the link below.