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Mar 2, 2004 11:09 AM

Places to Eat in Norfolk/Va Beach?[Moved from Washington DC & Baltimore Board]

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I posted this on the general mid atlantic page, but no replies. Perhaps someone here can help:

Two of my colleagues are going to Norfolk on business later this week.
Can anyone recommend good restaurants, esp local seafood.
I'm looking for "regular", non-fancy places serving traditional Virginia seafood. The sorts of places that couldn't be found in Washington, New York or other big cities. And, to steal from Calvin Trillin--the kind of places that a Norfolk resident would go to after being away for a couple of years; not the places you'd take an out of towner to show off how sophisticated and urban the city had become.

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  1. Look for Doumars. It's an old-fashioned drive-in ice cream, burger place. I've never been (sent there on Sunday and it was closed), but I found it on the Roadfood site.

    1. If you are in downtown Norfolk, there are a number of very good places on Granby Street -- also known as Granby Mall. This would be within walking distance; the other below will require a car/taxi.

      Two places in Va. Beach and one in Norfolk:

      Va Beach
      Gus' Mariner Restaurant (in Ramada Hotel)
      57th and Oceanfront
      Nice place and great view of ocean -- food is always very good
      Charlie's Seafood
      3139 Shore Drive (near Lynnhaven Inlet)
      Great old school seafood place since the 40's or 50's

      Ship's Cabin (Ocean View area)
      4110 E. Ocean View Ave
      Long-time Norfolk seafood/steak place; been through changes over the years, but still a good destination

      1. The few times I've been down there, I've mostly been underwhelmed by the food. A good place is Steinhilber's, though I would say it's somewhat "fancy," not really an unknown find. That said, good southern style seafood. It's tucked away, so you definitely need directions from Yahoo or some such.


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          It may be listed as Thalia Acres Inn.

          Also known as Steiny's to the locals. It's down a road off Virginia Beach Boulevard a mile or two SE of the Pembroke Mall area.

        2. Whenever I return to my teenage stomping grounds in Virginia Beach, I always hit Chick's Oyster Bar, 2143 Vista Circle, 757-481-5757. Tucked away on the water at Lynnhaven Inlet, uber casual, and with astoundingly fresh seafood, Chick's really hits the local flavor spot. That particular neighborhood is also close to some pretty happening night life such as the Tuna Grill, Corner Market, and Bay Billiards.

          Now I will be craving their raw bar all day...*sigh*


          1. For non-fancy, yet unsurpassed quality = definitely Croakers on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, (757) 363.2490 - call ahead, as it's tiny & trendy. There are plenty of others out & about in South Hampton Roads; however, Croakers is consistently delicious all year long & is considered a local's 1st choice!

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              I will call now for an early dinner. I hope being Monday and also after the big rally this weekend in DC, there won't be any problem getting in. Husband and I need something other than the several meals at Cracker Barrel and our other new favorite Golden Corral ;(

              thanks for suggestion, I'll report back

              1. re: JayVaBeach

                Tonight it's all about comfort and eating on the water. Don't like the outside looks of Croakers, and only 1 car there, no where near water which I'd hoped it would be. Cancelled ressie. Dockbay (I think it's called) is on the water as are we also now. Food so far very good. Sorry but Croakers apperance isn't welcoming...and husband said "Uh, I don't think so"