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Jul 2, 2001 08:28 PM

Kid-friendly in SF?

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First, let me say that, as a veteran armchair foodie, my productivity at work went down another few notches after discovering this board recently. Thanks a lot, Chowhounds! 8^D

Here's my question: any suggestions for stroller - friendly (under 3 yrs) dining options in SF? We've already been to Park Chow, Chevy's, Pasta Pomodoro, Max's on the Square, the Metreon, throughout C-town, J-town, and FW/Pier 39. Anything good in the Union Square, NoBe, or Russian Hill areas?

Takeout is another option for those with kids, and we've been to The Cheesesteak Shop (good), Wilbur's (good), and La Boulange de Polk (good sandwiches but overpriced at $7 IMHO), and Mario's (on Polk, before it closed). Not too keen on burger joints, and Pizza and BBQ can be a bit of a mess.

Of course, we'll start venturing back out into more "adult" restaurants once the kids are a bit older, but for now our options are very limited.

TIA, and I'd be happy to contribute where I can.

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    Barry Kaufman

    Tough call - In general any of the down-home ethnic restaurants would be great for kids - my daughter, now 30, - started to use chopsticks at 2. Learning to understand an authentic ethnic restaurant is a wonderful skill to impart to your children -------- I have to be honest - the East Bay (Berkeley/Oakland) has many more choices for your family --------Walker's Pie Shop in Albany/Berkeley ---- just outstanding - Gingerbread House in Oakland --- authentic Creole and Cajan cooking in a true gingerbread house --- wonderful, pro-child staff - Nothing like Bette's Ocean View Dinner for breakfast - you will have to wait for a table but the family will love it - check out the largest reptile herbarium on the west coast --- on 5th street between University and Hearst - have fun - teach you children early about the wonders of food and dinning.

    1. Max's Diner a few blocks down 3rd street from Pac Bell Park has really good all-american food, with a kid-friendly atmosphere. The menu is huge, so adults and kids can both find something they like.

      1. When our first grandson was 11 days old he joined us and his parents for a dining experience at Scala's on Union Square. They put us in the big curved booth in the back and it worked out great. Since then the same child, now a sophisticated (at least as far as food is concerned) 5 yr old, has been to countless restaurants,and can go almost anywhere, even enduring 2+ hours at the table. I wouldn't hesitate to take a well-behaved child to most S.F. or Bay Area restaurants. We have certainly found the majority to be no problem. If he proves me wrong next time we eat out I'll be having crow for my dinner.