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Feb 25, 2004 10:39 AM

Sette in Dupont

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Has anyone been to the new Italian restaurant that opened in Dupont a few weeks ago? It is around the corner from Benetton, across from Starbucks (north).
Any input would be great.

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  1. Yes - I had dinner there about a week ago - a few days after it opened. I had a salad and the pizza with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and arugala. It was OK. There was a little too much arugala on top of the pizza which made it seem more like a salad than a pizza, but it was decent nonetheless. My date had a pizza with mushrooms. He enjoyed it. Personally, I love wood-oven pizza. The service was very good and the atmosphere is inviting as well.

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      Thanks for the info. What about the $$? Is it reasonable priced? I am thinking of going there on Sat night.

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        The prices are reasonable. I believe the pizzas range in price from $9-13 or so.

    2. I know you posted this a while ago (2004 and it's now 2007), but Sette in Dupont is one of my favorite Italian restaurants! Their wine is reasonably priced, the pizza is very good, that pasta is wonderful, and the antipasti plates are particularly impressive. It's a great place to go if just for dessert.

      Pasta Mia is also great (Adams Morgan), but in a very very very different way. Don't even try to compare the two. If you like Mia, there's a chance you won't like Sette (might be expecting one thing--Mia--and getting another--Sette). But, if you love all types of Italian food, Northern and Southern, you'll probably love both places for how special each is. :)

      1. My favorite dish at Sette is the spicy and sweet sausage with brocolli rabe....very yummy

        1. the food at Sette is AWFUL.

          1. Great date place. Sat in the patio area with friends on a Sunday afternoon last summer and had the best caprese salad....