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Jul 2, 2001 04:59 PM

Moss Beach Distillery

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Any comments on this place? I'm thinking about going there for lunch on Saturday.

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  1. The food is mediocre and expensive. The views are nice but the decor feels dated and neglected. I am always a little depressed when I leave ( so I don't go anymore). Barb's Fish trap down the road in Half Moon Bay is more lively.

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    1. re: Ken Hoffman

      Ditto what Ken said re the food being mediocre.

      If you look at the other thread on eating in Half Moon Bay, you'll see it's almost a culinary wasteland, so I can't recommend much.

      If you like Thai food and want a nice view, there's the Thai restaurant that went in where the Highway 1 dinner was in El Granada. The food is decent, it has nice views and an outdoor seating area, and when I was last there in February they hadn't redecorated and it still had a nice kitchy diner decor.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler
        Jan Holloway

        I love the Distillery. Been going there since '84 and seen a lot of ups and down. I think the restaurant is worth a trip just for the view and ambiance, but mediocre food? You're being too kind. Plus they keep jacking up prices so you're paying top dollar for blah stuff. Still I have hopes they'll improve. In the past there have been (short) periods with innovative chefs. BTW the decor (other than in the back dining room, which is new) dates from the Prohibition era. Not dated but historic and that's a good thing.

        As to Thai food on Coastside. You'd do better at the place in Stonestown Center (off Main St) HMB.


        1. re: Jan Holloway

          Is the Thai place off Main St. the same place that used to be right on Highway 1 (Bankok House)?

          I found this winter that the two Thai restaurants I knew of in HMB had moved from their locations right on the highway near the 92 junction. I had always enjoyed the food -- particularly the Issan dishes -- at Bankok House, but found the service poor and the atmosphere gloomy. Someone recommended that I try the other one (Siam Cafe?), which had moved up the road. I haven't really explored the menu there, but I enjoyed what I ordered and liked the atmosphere and the service much better. (Of course it probably helped that the first time I went in there was early evening on a damp January Tuesday and the place was deserted, so the staff fussed over me -- the waiter insisted on bringing me some hot Thai tea and didn't charge for it. But I've been in restaurants where the staff was indifferent, even when they weren't busy.)

          1. re: Ruth Lafler
            Jan Holloway

            Yes, Bankok House is the restaurant that was formerly on HWY 1 and has now moved to Stone Pine Center off Main. I should say that I've only had takeout from Siam and that Thai is not one of my most favorite cuisines anyway.

    2. c
      Christine Vallejo

      Had lunch there right after salmon season commenced (April), so I enjoyed a nice chunk of fresh salmon with some perfectly cooked asparagus spears - but my husband wasn't that jazzed about his lunch.