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Jul 2, 2001 01:25 PM

Miller Meat Co

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I was down by Jack London Square Friday and stopped by Miller's for my 4th of July hot dogs.

Miller's makes a wide variety of sausages and smoked meats, but if you like hot dogs, these are something special. Juicy and flavorful with lots of "pop" when you bite.

The retail door opens onto a deli counter with pre-packed meats. The very helpful staff offers cooking tips and will even help you loading your car.

I bought 5 pound bags of garlic dogs ($2.89/pound) and extra big beef franks ($2.51/pound). The regular retail price on the garlic dogs is often as high as $7+ per pound, so it was worth the trip!

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    Alexandra Eisler


    I hit send too fast!

    Here are the contact details;

    Miller Packing Company
    201 2nd St
    Oakland, CA
    PH: 510 451 7200

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    1. re: Alexandra Eisler
      Christine Vallejo

      Don't they refer to themselves as the "Rolls Royce" of hotdogs? Think there was a fairly recent article in the SF Chronicle right around the time that baseball season started.


      1. re: Christine Vallejo
        Alexandra Eisler

        Hey, thanks for the link (no pun intended!)

    2. nice tip for this time of year (cookouts, bbq,etc.) thanks!

      1. m
        Melanie Wong

        Alex, the garlic dogs were very good. Thanks for sharing!