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Jul 1, 2001 03:17 AM

Vic Stewart's, Walnut Creek--Any Feedback Available?

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Can anyone enlighten me on the dining experience in Walnut Creek that is Vic Stewart's? In particular, I had heard about a 49er challenge (49 oz. steak), and I was wondering if this wasn't just a myth.

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  1. "Mao"---this restaurant has NEVER been mentioned on this site, which is unusual. That, combined with the lack of response to your query, makes me suspect that this may not be a fave with our Bay Area hounds. Or it might simply be so far out in the burbs that a lot of people haven't gotten there.

    I found some reviews on the web, but most seem to be over five years old.

    If anyone out there has info, please chime in. Mao's left a couple of great reports on our Manhattan board; he's someone you want to hear from when he comes (hungry) to SF.


    1. m
      Melanie Wong

      Here's a link to the SF Chronicle's review from 2 years ago. Doesn't mention the 49er steak, but does advise sticking to steaks and forgetting the rest.


      1. m
        Melanie Wong

        Instead of tackling a 49er challenge, maybe you'd like to run into a few live 49ers. House of Prime Rib is the traditional place for the defensive line's dinners. Here's link to the home page.


        1. j
          Jennifer Fish Wilson

          Most recent review in Walnut Creek newspaper is 4 years old--not a great sign. So I called the restaurant and they do serve a 49 oz. double cut Porterhouse for $70 (comes with your choice of soup or salad and potatoes). Also called Morton's of Chicago in San Francisco--they have a 48 oz. Porterhouse for $69.95. (Everything at Morton's is ala carte). If you want a big steak I'd choose Morton's--atmosphere is a little more interesting.

          1. Vic's is a fine dining type place. I went there to get a filet and the waiter kind of goaded me into this 49er challenge. I didn't want to do it but he kept pushing so I agreed. They brought me out a 49 oz. porterhouse, salad and the works. I ate the whole thing with no problem and by the way, it was cooked PERFECTLY (I like medium). Anyway, I received a letter and certificate in the mail. Haven't been back to see my plaque on the wall because I live in SC. I recommend to go there, it was great.

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              Really? A ten year old question? He has either gone by now or he hasn't... hell eating 49oz steaks, he might be dead by now :)