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Jun 30, 2001 12:09 PM

feedback on restaurants(FL & Jeanty)

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Just got back from enjoyable meal at French Laundry. Four people(2 chef tasting menu and 2 nine course veggie menu, 2 glasses of wine total) 657.00 dollars plus 90 dollar tip. Enjoyed the signature lobster course and the chateau briand meat course. The "oysters and pearls" were OK because I don't appreciate raw oysters nor do I like raw salmon(salmon tartare in a wafer cone), the first course. I was really impressed with the nine changes of silverware after each course, the abundance of wait help and their explanation of the food, the lack of noise was wonderful, the fresh flowers were delightful as was the elegant farmhouse ambiance. A once in a lifetime experience for me. The night before(a Tuesday night) we went to Bistro Jeanty and because we were five minutes late(a local had directed us down the road to Bistro Don Giovanni)our reserved table had been given away so we had to sit out front with crowds continuously walking by and a loud bar.(get directions before leaving your hotel room). I had coq au vin with buttered noodles. The chicken was rich and delicious but the noodles had too much butter on them. Huge salad and very tasty. I think I enjoyed my gourmet lunch on the wine train best of all although right now I cannot for the life of me remember what I had. But it was good. Yountville Inn was a very pleasant place to stay with breakfast around the pool.I enjoyed my trip to Napa Valley and suggest: reserve for FL exactly 60 days before the night you want to eat there. Use two phones and speed dial for an hour on both of them to get through. Get directions before your mealtime and drive by in daylight. Do not ask the locals. Don't think of the money just enjoy the experience. Good eating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Melanie Wong

    Now we can breathe a collective sigh of relief that your FL experience was all you hoped it would be. Thanks for the report. Did you get the skinny on Keller's plans for New York and/or Las Vegas?

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      What I found out about the French Laundry is what was said here on Chowhound......that Mr. Keller will be putting in a second FL in New York in a new building on 57 or 54 street????????? in a few years. Wish he would come here to Las Vegas but guess this city is not his style. I appreciate all I have learned on