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Jun 29, 2001 10:42 AM

Glossy eyed vine sucker

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Every one up here in Napa seems so woried about the glassy winged sharp-shooter, which means they are completely unprepared for the glossy eyed vine sucker (thats me). Well folks, I have arrived-Napa is a cool effin' place for a chowhound. I've had way too many good experiences of late, some highlights being smoked willie-bird legs at the chefs market, fresh morels and porcinis at Vallargas ("better than average" produce someone told me-you Napkins are SPOILED!!!)a really nice rotisserie rabbit at Tuscany (a place I was so sure I wouldn't like) La Playita Tacos, Garage wines. . . .

After I get back from the Keys (a wedding) perhaps I'll throw a chowhound BBQ at my place (i don't think anyone has done this yet). Anyway WHASSUP to all my chowhound people north and south and bear with me while I continue this feeding frenzy.

Peace and Grub from the Hungry Hungry Hippy

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  1. Justin,

    Loved your post. Visual images of your flight through the Valley, stopping to feed at the most succulent spots, pausing long enough to zip down to "the Keys", were vivid.

    You are in a great spot to take advantage of the farmers' markets in Napa on Tue. and Yountville on Wed. afternoon (4 o'clock, but I hear lots of people are there by 3:30 to get the best of the goodies. Then it runs until 8, a boon to those who work during the day.) I live in St. Helena, and I go the the S.H. mkt. but also the other two. The Yountville mkt. is in a great spot. Plenty of parking and shade.

    If you take a cruise up Silverado trail (not an unpleasant thing), you might want to check out our Sunshine Mkt. in S.H. It has recently been transformed to an amazing place for the highest quality produce and meats/fish. They get better every day. It's expensive, but if you are shopping at Vallergas.... (Personally, I often drive to Berkeley to take advantage of Berkeley Bowl and Monterey Mkt.)

    Then, for more fun, head on up to Calistoga to Forni-Brown. If they still sell to drop-ins, it can be a great source for the freshest mesclun etc. Call ahead. Or maybe Brandon would know.

    On 29, across from Grigich Hill Winery, there is a little farm/garden called Living Waters that has very nice produce. Also, I just learned at ther stand at the Fri. market that they donate a percentage of profits to local charities (especially for young people).

    There are more treats, but I'm out of time.
    A BBQ? That sounds like something not to miss!

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    1. re: Ann Leneave

      At last night's dinner party in Santa Rosa, the first course with a tartare of tuna and salmon with preserved lemons and wasabi tobiko. Our hostess said she'd gotten the tuna and king salmon from Sunshine Foods. These were sushi grade, incredibly fresh.

      Regarding that other species, the glassy winged sharp shooter, I've linked below to the Napa/Sonoma watch organization. Contra Costa County just to the south of us has some infestation. It is incumbent on all of us in the North Bay wine country to help with the prevention effort.


    2. b
      Brandon Nelson

      Another Chowdog in the Valley! Sweeeeeet!

      Spoiled? Us humble grape stompers? Damn straight!

      Yeah Valleragas produce is nice. You must try "Berkely Bowl" though. It's really a homecooks dream. The produce department is the biggest, and best stocked I have ever seen. They also carry the broadest selection of Niman Ranch meat I've found. I tend to make a day out of shopping Oakland and Berkeley once a month or so. Welcome to your adventure my friend!


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      1. re: Brandon Nelson

        Just so I don't loose my street cred, I'll let y'all know I've been making the berkeley bowl pilgrimage every saturday since I got here. Simply put-berkely bowl rules.

        Peace and Grub