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Jun 28, 2001 09:52 PM


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was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for a nice dinner before show at the orpheum on saturday. We're trying to have a quick but good meal (hopefully less than 1.5 hrs). These are the restaurants we had recommended to us and are deciding between:

Slanted Door
Fifth Floor

Also, my date likes sea bass...has anyone had it at slanted door or mecca?

Any help would be much appreciated! thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi Andrew!

    If you're worried about timing, I'd pick a place where you don't have to repark your car, which would eliminate several of those choices.

    I think it would be a waste of money to rush through a meal at Fifth Floor, even if you could get a reservation.

    How about Zuni Cafe (Market between Gough and Franklin)? I've never been there, but it's a favorite for pre-theater for my sister and her husband, and it is walking distance from the Orpheum.

    Most of the restaurants around the theater districts are accustomed to serving diners on the way to a show, and if you tell them up front you have an 8 p.m. curtain to catch, they'll make sure your meal is expedited.

    Have fun!

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      I would try Zuni or Ponzu. The food and style of Jardiniere, Farallon, and 5th floor is quite elaborate and definitely not something to rush through on the way to a show.

      1. re: dixie day

        i, on the other hand, wouldn't hesitate to go to Jardiniere. they are great at getting you 3 courses out before the opera, symphony, etc and the food is not only well presented and in interesting combinations but is quite good as well. if you're going out to a show why not make it a "real" evening out?

        but if you want something more casual you can't beat the caesar salad and oysters at zuni.

        1. re: Rochelle

          Thanks ruth, dixie, and rochelle for the recommendations! We ended up going to Farallon. Service, decor, and food were all great!

    2. Zuni is overcrowded, slow, and the food is nothing special at all.

      I have no idea why it continues to have such a good reputation.

      Try Absinthe. It's no more expensive, somewhat better, much better at getting you seated, and I find it far more comfortable.