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Jun 28, 2001 07:15 PM

New Mediterranean Food Deli

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Tired of having to go to fast food place/sketchy sit down places for falafels?

Zand Market recently moved to a new location on Albany. I've never been to the old one, since I've only been to Zand in the last month or so. Anyways, I usually go there for a sampler plate (last time I had a coulotte which is some sort of hamburger) and some quiche thing that was green. I think it was called a koo koo or something. The baklava was really great. The tabouleh is good too. I got the one with the drizzled honey or syrup that made it look really wet. I dunno, this is hands down the best cheap mediterranean food I've had in a long time. Check in the coolers on the side for weird juices. I had passion fruit. They have yogurt drinks, I will try them next time I go.

Zand Market 1021 Solano Ave., Albany, 510-528-7027.


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  1. I'll second Ryan's recommendation. I stopped in a few weeks ago for some takeout. Their hummus was good as was the yogurt cucumber sauce. The dolmas were a little too oily for my tastes. And best of all are their grocery items - beans and honey and teas and spices so you can make this food at home. Nice stop for a nice easy hot weather dinner.

    1. I've been by this place and looked inside to see what they carried but haven't tried their offerings before. Thanks for the tip - look forward to a good lunch. My favorite cheap falafel fix is Bongo Burger-3 locations near the UC campus. One on Northside, one on Center St.- Downtown and one near Telegraph Ave.

      1. I stopped by at the new location of Zand looks very nice. Some interesting items on the shelves and lots of pastries. Will have to go back to try some of their deli items. The address is on the 1400 block of Solano, right on the corner of either San Carlos or Carmel, I think.

        1. Nice place, but slim pickings. Like someone said above, the falafels are a little better at Bongos, and much better at the King of Falafels on Divisadero in SF.

          Didn't like the dolmas, tabouleh or baklawa (there then again I have been spoiled by the great mideastern/lebanese food growing up in Paris, but Haigs on Clement is still far better than zand). The groceries are overpriced; keep driving instead to San Pablo ave. just south of Solano, to the small pesian store.

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            Jennifer Fish Wilson

            Thanks to Ryan Gan and Celery--finally made it to Zand (Gordon's right--it has moved--new address is 1401 Solano; corner of Carmel). My son and I split the sampler plate--$14 and we had leftovers (impressive amount of food--my 12 year old Chowhounder rarely leaves a crumb behind). We both enjoyed it and now know what we'll order next time--he liked the felafel and hummus. My favorites were the babaganoush and a mixture of rice and chicken. Ryan's right about the drinks--Perry loved the canned Israeli peach juice.