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Jun 28, 2001 03:56 AM

S.F. Restaurant Closings? 2 down-many more to come?

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The Bay Guardian food columnist mentions Belon and Flying Saucer." the price gouging and e-business melt down will result in many of the high profile, showy spots that opened in the last 2 or 3 years withering and blowing away" very soon. Dot at the Miyako gets mentioned. Any other candidates? Any parties of 4 wandered into expensive restaurants at 7:30 on a Friday eve w/o a reservation and been welcomed with a smile and seated immediately?

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  1. Nasturium (French place out in the Avenues) also closed, as did Ecco in S. Park. The Rooster is closing, to be replaced by a new Spanish place called Alma, run by Johnny Alamilla. I'm not too sad about Flying Saucer--after original owner sold it, it became an overpriced parody of its previous fine form. Now, if only the lame Thai place that took over the Radio Valencia spot would move on...(I've been there twice and been charged more than the printed menu prices each time--food's not that good, either.)

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      also those dot com playgrounds-Palomino and Gordon beersh seem much less crowded

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        I think we have to remember what things were like prior to the boom in business we all enjoyed (or not!) the last couple of years. San Francisco does have seasons. Plenty of locals who patronize places like Farallon and Postrio go to their home 'at the lake' or the wine country in the summer.

        I do think there will be fallout due to the slowdown, but it won't likely be successful places like these that crash and burn.