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Jun 27, 2001 06:56 PM

Any thoughts about Parma?

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Someone at work suggested Parma (on Steiner) for excellent Italian food. We are unfamiliar with it and wonder if any of you have good or bad things to say about it. Incidentally, we enjoyed Betelnut last Sat. and ordered both the green beans and the calamari based on your recommendations.


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  1. I have some out of town friends that always go to Parma whenever they are in SF. They find it superb. I've been to Parma several times with them, each time ordering pasta. In my opinion, the food was average. Nothing really sparkled or delighted.

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      Andrew Raskin

      I went about a year ago with high expectations. I remember it being pretty much just kinda sorta okay.

      1. The food is decent, no-frills Italian. Nothing spectacular, but be careful eating the garlic spread they put out with bread - can be heartburn city, but it's good.

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          Steve, I've walked by Parma so many times, invited to join friends there even more often, but never made it in. Same with E'angelo, the other Italian stalwart in the Marina -- what's your opinion here?

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            Having lived in the Marina years ago, we used to go to Parma quite often as it is inexpensive. We had always planned on going to E'Angelo but as friends had told us about the huge portions, we never got a group together for the "family-style" dinner. Also, while I can tuck into a good Lasagna or hearty pastas (what's wrong with a little cream sauce, huh?) my wife tries to stay on the lighter side, so we have never ventured there (yet). Would love to hear anybody else's opinion on the matter.