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Jun 27, 2001 02:42 PM

Knife sharpening

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I've been following the General Topics thread on knife sharpening, and read that Rochelle goes to a "Great store only about 10 min away, with a turn around of 1 day." Where is this place, Rochelle? I've seen knife sharpening offered at the Ferry Plaza farmers' market and Tower Market, but haven't tried either yet (and it's time to get my knives sharpened). Any recommendations for good places in SF that do a good job without taking too much off of the knife?

Deb H.

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  1. deb,

    it's called Razor Sharp Cutlery, the owner is a funny guy named emile mogannam, (whose brother owns burgermeister around the corner from us).

    it's located at 634 Polk, exactly across the street from the CCA and always gets my knives back the next day. i have two sets of knives so that makes about 21 or so all together and only once have they done something i wasn't happy with--but how easy can it be to sharpen a bird's beak? they also do a great job with serated knives which people often mistakenly think can't be sharpened.

    Razor Sharp Cutlery
    634 Polk St
    San Francisco
    P: 776-0110

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    1. re: Rochelle

      Serrated? You've just said the magic words. I've gotta get my bread knives over there.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Lest we forget, Chief Choice, do it yourself. Razor sharp, till my wife cuts up boxes. And, as an addicted garage saler. Last weekend, 2 Tridents, labels still on, worth $75.00, $4.00. Moma Mia!

      2. re: Rochelle

        Rochelle, why do serrated knives need sharpening? How are they sharpened?

        Thanks for solving this mystery.

        1. re: elise h

          Over time the metal will start to wear down and lose it's edge and the serration will start to change from a "V" to a "U" (picture this shape on the knife). Once this happens, the blade starts to rip rather than cut through the object. Hope this helps.

      3. j
        Janet A. Zimmerman

        Sorry -- I know this is late notice, but at Sur La Table, the cookware store on Maiden Lane (where I work) a representative from Wusthof is going to be on hand from 11 - 2 tomorrow and Saturday (the 29th and 30th) for a free knife sharpening "clinic." You can bring in two knives (any brand, not serrated, though) and get them sharpened for free. Of course, you do have to put up with the Wusthof spiel, but the upside is that if you need new knives, you can get 10 percent off any Wusthof purchases. I've had the rep sharpen one of my knives before, and she does a good job (reminds me, I have to get mine ready to go tomorrow).

        If anyone is interested, the address is 77 Maiden Lane (between Grant and Kearny).