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Where's good pizza MD/DC?

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Anyone know of any good pizza joints in MD/DC?


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  1. 2 Amys in Cleveland Park (Macomb st west of Wisconsin Ave) has a Napolitan pizza d'origine controllee, with a perfect crust, buffalo mozzarella, some basil, too little sauce, but a delicate and beautiful aroma. Light and delicious. If that's what you're looking for.

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      For woodfired? Paradiso/Dupont Circle. Jeebus...the crust...ahhhhhh. My wife and I love it so much we got engaged there. 2Amys is ***this*** close, but spendier, but has a bigger room, and tasty starters. Try the suppli a telefono, fabulous little cheesy Italian hush puppy thingies.

      For NY stylee? Mama Lucia, of many locations lately while pretty close to an "Original Famous Rays, falls short sometimes. Try "Palisades Pizza (and clam bar) on McArthur Blvd. in the Palisades. A little known treasure from Eric Koefod (?) who also owns Georgetown Bagelry on M st NW, which he opened in the late 70s in response to his predicament of being a transplanted New Yorker in DC unable to get a proper bagel.

      No one has mentioned what I'll call "Indigenous Maryland Pizza" for which the are 2 choices. The real deal is Gentleman Jims in Gaithersburg (transplanted from Twinbrook where they were for like 40 years) a slightly sweet rectangular pie with a sauce based on stewed tomatos, and a cheese mixture including swiss.
      There's always Ledo Pizza, and if you go to the original by UMD you can get the experience, but no less a pizza authority and celebrity than Arthur Godfrey was a Gentleman Jims loyalist, and his picture was on the wall to prove it....

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        >>Try "Palisades Pizza (and clam bar) on McArthur Blvd. in the Palisades<<

        Actually, I much prefer the pizza that they sell by the slice at the Georgetown Bagelry to the pizza at Palisades Pizza, which I find hit or miss. The Bagelry pizza is the closest to a NYC slice place in the DC area.

        Jim Zurer
        Washington DC

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          Jim, have you tried Vace? I just did and I thought it was amazing. I have no idea how it stacks up with your perception of NY style, though. Personally, I don't care what style it is; it's far superior to 99% of what I've tried.

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        There is a place in Olney MD that I like for good wood fired pizza. Ricciuti's at 3308 Olney-Sandy Spring Rd. (Rt 108)just east of Georgia Ave.

      3. Vace in Cleveland Park (Macomb and Connecticut in this case). Best pie in town. Crispy crust, tangy sauce, salty cheese--perfect. The only problem is that Vace doesn't have any tables, so it's strictly get it and go. Well... make that two problems. The second one is that parking around there is pretty tough, especially around dinner time. The best plan is to call in your pie and send someone in for it while you circle the block. A hassle, admittedly, but worth it. Tell your runner not to forget that excellent Italian lemon soda. I believe it's called Pellegrino Limon.

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          Vace also has a location in Bethesda, but I'm not sure the parking would be any easier.

          Link: http://www.bethesda.org/dining/show.a...

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            frustrated mom

            I have heard that there is a Vace in Gaithersburg. Has anyone tried it?

        2. Pizzeria Paradiso in Dupont Circle - terrific crust, excellent toppings voted #1 in washingtonpost.coms' readers choice for 2003. Each time we vistin DC this is a must for my husband. Take out or eat in.

          1. While not Pizza Paradiso or 2 Amy's, the pizza at Mama Lucia's is quite good for suburban pizza (Rockville in the shopping center behind Bennigan's where Trader Joe's and CompUSA are). They have a 1/2 price special on Tuesday (or is it Monday??) for carry out pizzas, which makes them a bargain.

            They also have good pasta dishes (they make a really good red sauce which suits my finicky palate) and salads (their antipasti salad is a wonderful lunch), and we tried their fried mozzarella appetizer recently and loved it -- nothing like the rubbery cheese sticks at other places.

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              Of the places named in this thread (2 Amy's, Vace, Paradiso), Mama Lucia's is probably the closest to "New York style" pizza. Whether that's a plus or not is up to the consumer. I like all of them, but Mama Lucia's is both the closest to my house, and my favorite of the bunch.

              Mama's special on Tuesdays (take-out only) is buy one pie, get the second for $1. (toppings at additional cost on both pies). They used to have a website, but it looks like they let the domain lapse. (http://www.mamma-lucia.com/)

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                I tried Mamm Lucia's for the second time this evening, and just like the first time, the pizza was awful. But it was two for the price of one -- so I've got plenty of leftovers!

                To each his or her own, I suppose.

            2. Depends on your standards or taste....If you have a hankering for NY style or New Haven pizza, I think you will generally be disappointed in the DC area offerings.

              Having said that, Mama Lucia in Bethesda has come closest to the standards of good NYC pizza--not perfect, but pretty acceptable. In the gourmet pizza category, I prefer Pizzeria Paradiso (especially the less crowded Georgetown branch) to Two Amys, although the vongole pizza there is very good as is the calzone.

              1. Pizza is right up there with barbecue in inviting food fights (I should know, my boss is from New Haven), but I'm a bit surprised that nobody mentioned in this string the terrific new place Ella's Wood-Fired Pizza, on 9th Street NW between F and G, I believe. In the Paradiso/2 Amys mold, it's a terrific little place with a really strong commitment to first-rate pies. There've been some reviews I've seen on this board in the past, and they've been pretty uniformly good from what I recall. Also, while I've not yet availed myself of the offer, apparently they're now doing free pizza during happy hour ... you can't go wrong there.

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                  Joel, Have you tried Vace?

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                    Am the only person that finds Vaces (at least the one in Bethesda) highly overrated? I just don't find it that good..not to mention the fact that the staff there are pretty rude.

                    Mama Lucia's is my favorite pizza in the area. I love to go there during the lunch hours when they have their speciality slices out. mmmmm Lasagna pizza!!!

                2. Define "good." Then, define "pizza."

                  If you want NY style, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. But that's like complaining about the lousy cheesesteaks in Bangalore. The DC contribution to pizza is Ledo's, but ONLY go to the original in Langley Park. The franchises are not even pale imitations, they're hidous simulacra.

                  2 Amys, Valentino's, yaddayaddayadda. You'll get a million opinions.

                  1. You just can't find pizza here like you would find in the Northeast. That said, I've found a couple that come somewhat close. Luciano's in Tysons and Tony's in Manassas. Rubino's in Herndon does ok with the crust and sauce but there is either too much parmesan or romano on it. Emilio's in Sterling has arguably some of the best wood-fired crust. Many places that do wood-fired crust tend to bake it to over-crispness. Emilio's doesn't do that. However Emilio's downside--the sauce is bitter.

                    1. The best take out Pizza in DC is VACE.

                      The best sit down and eat pizza is 2 Amy's....sound bounces off the walls in this restaurant....its loud, noisy....but the food and pizza is excellent.

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                        You guys know that you're responding to a four year old thread, right?

                        A quick search turns up at least 20 newer threads on Pizza in the DC area...

                      2. 3Brothers Pizza has got to be the best by far

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                          I love 2 Amy's for thin style pizza and ARMAND'S for thick crust Chicago style pizza!!!

                        2. Joe Squared in Bmore on North Ave. Trust me on this.