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Jun 24, 2001 03:43 AM

Global eats in Sonoma Co?

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Please help a (somewhat) recent transplant to Sonoma County. I drive every weekend to SF (my former home) or Berkeley for good global eats.There are great places to eat up here , of course, but I miss places like Massawa, Lucky Creation, Vik's Chaat House, etc. Any good Ethiopian, Japanese--really fresh sushi, South Indian, Lebanese, Chinese (I love Shanghai cuisine) restaurants in Sonoma county? Any Asian markets? And please let us know: when's the next Chowhound dinner??? Thanks!

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  1. Hi Lise, I'm a resident of Sonoma County too. The pickings for global eats are slim but we've had many postings on this board to report on the ones we've found so far. Go to the Chowhound main page, then use the search engine in the upper right hand corner to look for: francisco sonoma. This will pull up all the messages on the San Francisco board that mention sonoma. Now this will be intermingled with the best of wine country style cuisine, but it's probably best to do a wider search and pick your way through them.

    To give you some hope, one of the best pho restaurants anywhere is Pho Vietnam in Santa Rosa. It's been mentioned several times on this board and should come up in your search above. Also Hana in Rohnert Park for the best sushi and a good banh mi place in Marin County.

    For Asian groceries, start with G&G market on College Ave. in Santa Rosa. This is a local supermarket (with all the general things) owned by a Chinese family and they carry a lot of Chinese foodstuffs.

    Would love to know what Lebanese and Shanghainese places in SF you considered worthy. Not many good examples have been discussed here so far.

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      Thanks, Melanie, for the tips. I'll search the boards. I think I do remember reading about the pho place. As for Lebanese, I like Fattoush on Church Street. The mansaf (tender lamb chunks in an incredibly rich yogurt sauce served with almond pilaf) is awesome. There's also a dish with chicken spiced with sumac that's wrapped in a pastry and served with a saffron yogurt sauce. And the hummus is nice and light. I've taken a friend who grew up in Lebanon and Egypt there, and every time I mention it he drools. As for Shanghai food, I'm still on the quest. A few months ago I tried (twice) Sun Wu Kong on Geary bwtn 18th and 19th. I don't know if it's related to the old Wu Kong downtown. The hongshao pork was melt-in-your-mouth tender and rich, but the crispy fried eel was tasted like bits of burnt hoisin sauce. Have you found any good Shanghai food in SF?

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        Lise, thanks for sharing! Those sound great. We've noticed Sun Wu Kong, but haven't had a chance to try it yet. Sounds like worth exploring and figuring out the strengths. Shanghai food in SF is a challenge. One place I've tried that has potential is Shanghai Gourmet in the Pacific East mall (Ranch 99) in Richmond. You can use the search engine to find posts from me and others. Coming over the Richardson bridge from San Rafael, it's an easy stop for you and more convenient that Berkeley or SF.

    2. our chowhound Mamasan to be, rachel hope, is hosting a dinner in the east bay this coming wed. night at 7:00. just look down the page a bit and you'll find more info.

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        Thanks, Rochelle. I can't make it this week but I hope to join a Chowhound feast soon!