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Jun 23, 2001 08:38 PM

Good restaurant with a nice view

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Does anyone know of a good restaurant with a nice view? Thank you for your recommendations.

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  1. nelson,
    i think you'll find that the more specific you can be the more suited to your needs your responses will be as well. people are always happy to help out with suggestions, but need a little more info such as what town and which part of that town, what type of food, if you have a budget, and what day of the week you were looking to go out. that way we're sure to be of help with your specific needs.

    hope to be of help


    1. Thanks for answering Rochelle. I'm interested in San Francisco, with a view of the water, however driving would not be a problem. I enjoy many types of cuisine, and am looking for more of a splurge restaurant. However, a restaurant like Tu Lan, would also be considered. I'm thinking of Saturday night, though another day and time would be fine. Thanks. Nelson

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      1. re: Nelson Lum

        Hi, Nelson!

        Unfortunately, it is a truism that the quality of the food is usually inversely proportional to the quality of the view. I think it has something to do with higher overhead at view locations: to generate volume, they tend to "dumb down" the food and cater to a clientele more interested in the atmosphere than a gourmet experience.

        That being said, there is one restaurant with a view I'd recommend wholeheartedly: Greens. My sister and her husband had dinner there in the last month and said it was as good as ever.

        I've also heard good things about The Waterfront and Ondine's (in Sausalito), but I've also heard they've gone downhill/had some changes recently.

        I'm sure others here will have more ideas.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Seems like restaurants that DON'T pay stratospheric rents have enough trouble affording to serve consistently really good food. All those niggling expenses, it's tempting to cut corners. A seriously prime location might just be too much to add to the equation. Can't afford top chef and staff, top provisions, no corners cut PLUS pay that rent.

          There are a couple of restaurants in NYC that manage quality food and view...River Cafe being one. But, come to think of it, River Cafe's on some sort of weird barge, and who knows what their rent situation is.

          In general, it may just be a profit margin issue.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Greens gets my vote too, Ruth. It used to be on my list for visiting East Coast friends because of the food and the lovely view of the Bridge and the sailboats. On a sunny day it's enough to convince a visitor to move here. Oops! Maybe it should stay an inside secret.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              I've heard ups-and-down's about Ondine as well, but my Dad was in town for Father's Day and it seemed like the perfect place.

              We had pretty early reservations, so the restaurant wasn't too crowded; the service and food were both exceptional -- these days, it seems that the diminishing quality of service leaves a rather bad taste in my mouth, despite the excellence of the food.

              We were not the least bit rushed, and lingered over dessert and port for some time -- long enough to watch the sun setting against the downtown buildings. Quite spectacular.

            2. re: Nelson Lum

              Nelson, the best views are actually from across the bay from SF looking back at the San Francisco skyline. I'd suggest Sam's in Tiburon. You can take the ferry there from the City. Here's a link to Sam's home page and a walking tour of Tiburon historical sites. Now, I've not really dined at Sam's. It's more of a place to get a beer and a burger after a day of sailing on the Bay.

              As far as places on SF's Fisherman's Wharf with views, about a year ago I attended a banquet for about 40 people at Alioto's that was very nicely done. Our room overlooked the water and twinkling lights on the bay, and the food was very nice, especially considering how difficult it is to perform for a group that size. I loved the seafood sausage, and the halibut was cooked perfectly.

              Have also had some catering from Scoma's recently that was pretty good. You will be paying a premium at Scoma's or Alioto's for those views. At night you're looking a electric lights, not the full natural beauty. For my money, I'd rather have a great meal at one of SF's finest, where I'm so absorbed in the food I don't care what the surroundings look like, and then have a great outdoors experience at Angel Island or Sam's.


              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Sorry, I should have said A. Sabella's, not Scoma's. Can't vouch for the food at Scoma's.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Actually, if you're right in that area, I like Guaymas much better. Have great margaritas (try the Corralejo Tequila), and pretty darn good food. Our favorites are the Chalupas appetizer and for entrees: carnitas, seafood fajitas and mixed seafood grill (great octopus). There are far less outside tables with a direct view and on the weekends, the wait can be long, but it's a much more relaxed atmosphere than the meet-market that Sam's can be IMO.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    How about Forbes Island? If you like the water....can't get any more surrounded by water than that. I hear the food is pretty good also and the experience sounds very unique.

                2. The Caprice in Tiburon.

                  Food is excellent, view of the bay is absolutely unbeatable!!! and the service is good, too.

                  Good luck.