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Dec 23, 2003 01:37 PM

Who makes the best Chai Latte in DC/VA

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Who makes the best Chai Latte in DC/VA -- not from a powerdered mix?


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  1. Teaism. No contest. R at Connecticut and other locations. Have it with the salmon, naan and raita.

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    1. re: Brian

      I second this.

      Who's to blame for that silly name 'chai latte' anyway, though?

      1. re: wombat

        Just a quick response regarding the "silly name" of chai...chai is the word for tea in Hindi and other Asian languages. Latte refers to steamed/heated milk generally served with espresso. Since traditional chai tea is brewed in a mixture of water and milk, chai latte is actually redundant.

    2. I have no idea why anyone would say that Teaism has a good chai latte...I had one from them yesterday and it was VILE. Really watered down, and hardly any spice. Maybe it used to be better...I see that the other responses are from nearly 10 years ago. Still, if anyone finds decent chai in DC I'd love to hear about it.

      1. SiTea, over in Takoma (in DC, near the Takoma Metro) has awesome chai.