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Jun 21, 2001 06:41 PM

East Bay Chowhound Dinner -- Banana Garden

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Let's join together to explore the new Malaysian/Singaporean spot adjacent to the Pacific East Mall next week! Roti, laksa, satay ... how many treasures await us?

How about next Wednesday night at 7:00? I will take the census of who can make it, then call the restaurant to confirm.


p.s. of course my hostess duty will be provisional on no one arriving before their estimated due date ;)

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  1. Rachel, Melanie and I were just talking about this at the dinner the other nite! I was going to email you to see if the bambino hasn't made an appearence yet to see about an East Bay dinner. Was thinking about this after our last trip to Costco, but we ended up at Goldilocks for a flan and then fresh spring rolls at that Vietnamese place instead.

    I stopped at Chaat Cafe for dinner tonight - good as always and was trying to decide between suggesting Indian or Banana Garden!

    Count me and my husband in - keep us posted!
    ps is baby due early July?

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    1. re: Celery


      would love to be there but if i don't start eating at home i may have my stove taken away! no, actually i can't make it but think it's terribly brave of you (or is this just storing up the taste sensations of garlic and onions, etc. for the months to come?).

      i'm so happy to be part of such an active community.

      any requests for care packages for the first while after the wee one comes? would be happy to oblidge...

      1. re: Rochelle

        The due date's actually July 19, and considering that first births are on average 8 days late, there's little real worry that this chowbaby is coming any time soon. Just a lot of wishful thinking on my part. I told my midwife I was feeling antsy so she advised taking advantage during the next month of all the activities which I might be restricted from after the baby's arrival. So organizing a chowdinner seems a good plan! (Yes, Jennifer, I know I will be able to eat out afterwards as well -- but maybe not in the company of my fellow chowhounds :)

        1. re: rachel hope


          will you put chowhound on your "list" of notices after the birth?

          1. re: rachel hope
            Jennifer Fish Wilson

            Your midwife sounds great. I think I told you I was ordering duck in my favorite Chinese restaurant while in the early stages of labor (take-out of course; the staff was getting a little nervous.) And when I finally went to the hospital my girlfriend who was cooking on the line @ Chez Panisse delivered Chez food to the maternity ward for me and my husband. (Maybe that's why my 12 yr old is a Chowhounder.) I would welcome an infant to any Chowhounder dinner. I know others have said no to children but I think babes-in-arms should be an exception!

            1. re: Jennifer Fish Wilson
              Alexandra Eisler

              And watch us all fight over who gets to hold the baby!

        2. re: Celery

          And, let's not forget your suggestion of Korean...any recon on the places in Berkeley/Oakland?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Ok - I'll start doing some research for the next one - I've only tried one place in Berkeley so far. Altho Ruth just suggested dim sum too and there was Jennifer's idea of a Friday Oakland market - lunch and tapas and.....

            I know there've been lots of posts and I have some clippings on Korean places. Was originally thinking of someplace on Geary in SF - maybe late July. I'll keep you all posted!

            So many options and dinners!

            1. re: Celery

              Ain't it great? I'm so enthused that local chowhounds are excited about sharing and exploring together.

              I found the thread (link below) about a place that Limster recommended. As you'll see, I did a drive-by. Maybe we can get the mysterious Limster to join us here.


              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Wow, I am so happy to be able to share my chowhound knowledge, even though I'm new to the list...

                There's a good Korean place down on Telegraph, in between Parker and Dwight st. It's next to the Fondue Fred (I know some of you chowhounds have gone there). It's a homey restaurant. I think it's called Koryo (not the Koryo BBQ place down Telegraph) Anyways, I go there for a Bi Bim Bap (Korean fried rice). They even put it into stoneware bowls, still sizzling. Good stuff. Prices are reasonable and they have lunch specials!


                1. re: ryan gan

                  Glad to have you!

                  Yes, serious bibimbap places often do offer the stone version ("gobdol bibimbap"), which creates a great crunchy texture.

                  Anyone else out there know this place? If there are better gobdol bibimbaps in town, it'd be a nice welcoming gesture to Ryan for us to hip him to them...

                  Sorry I can't help. I get so much Korean in NY that I never hunt for it when I'm in SF!


        3. Ever intrepid, Rachel! Please count me in - I promise to bring a care package to the birthing room if you're so engaged.

          1. Okay, count me in on my first Chowhound dinner!

            1. Hi! Is there still room at the table for Wed. night?

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              1. re: gordon wing

                I will post at top with the stats later in the day.

                Rachel Hope

                1. re: rachel hope

                  Count me in....thanks.