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Jun 21, 2001 12:28 AM

arizmendi bakery on 9th and irving

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we just discovered a little co-op bakery on 9th with delicious baked goods and wondered if anyone who's had things other than what we've had would be willing to share stories.

today we bounced by on our way home from the beach and picked up 1/2 doz english muffins (think heaven, eggs benedict here we come!), a perfectly sticky pecan roll crammed with toasted pecans and an occassional plump raisin which was immediately devoured, and a very definately homespun whole wheat cheese roll resplendent with strong cheeses-maybe an asiago and sharp cheddar?

on other occassions we've had baguette pieces, plain, hazelnut and ginger shortbread cookies, and cheese scones, all of which have been delightful.

appearently thinks their pizza and baked goods are unbelieveable. i'd love to hear some feedback about the semibaked pies from a real person.

they have a bread schedule and seem to have the ever elusive brioche daily. pizza is served daily after 11:30.

1331 9th ave between irving and judah
tues-fri 7-7, sat 8-7, sun 8-4, mon closed


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    Andrew Raskin

    I just won a $20 gift certificate there in a raffle, so I'm glad to hear you like it.

    1. This bakery has a connection to the Cheeseboard in Berkeley. Another Bakery in Oakland near Lakeshore is also seeded by the Cheeseboard....I think they trained them and provided recipes, philosophy, etc. The Cheeseboard in Berkeley is an institution and has a large following ... they certainly are making the Bay Area a better place to eat in. I don't think I've ever had anything from there that didn't impress me.

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      1. re: gordon wing

        Yep, i live 5min from the Oakland Arizmendi and that place is wonderful. I love their pizzas...their ingredients are so fresh and i love the thin crust.

        1. re: Izzero

          Welcome to the board!

          Not to be morbid, but one of the things that lifted my spirits at the wake I attended last Saturday was stepping into the kitchen and spotting the pizza from Arizmendi-Oakland. That can make anyone smile!

          1. re: Melanie Wong
            Jennifer Fish Wilson

            Thx for intro to Arizmendi--walked in w/ my dog-eared Chowhound postings (god forbid I miss something one of you recommended!). Shared your comments w/ people behind counter--made them very happy. Loved the pizza (eggplant) and the cheese rolls. Was warned if I want pizza on Friday or Saturday best to call ahead because they sell out quickly (Oakland phone #: 510-268-8490.)

            1. re: Jennifer Fish Wilson

              Glad you liked it, Jennifer. I've only had three pizzas from Arizmendi. They've all been tomato sauce-less, what some call California style.

              I'll confess that I decided to revisit KC's the other day instead of Doug's because I didn't have my chowhound references at the ready to guide me to the best things to order.

              1. re: Melanie Wong
                Jennifer Fish Wilson

                The eggplant pizza was definitely a "California" pizza--no tomato sauce. (BTW it was great cold for breakfast too).

                Question re having Chowhound references available: I feel lost traveling around w/o my Chowhound recommendations. Sometimes I print them out and remember to take them with me. Any suggestions?

      2. I posted on Arizmendi a while ago. Here it is:


        1. c
          Caitlin McGrath

          Never been to Arizmendi, but it is clearly, as Gordon notes, a relative of the Cheese Board (which has sold those wonderful whole-wheat cheese rolls forever)--which means that you should definitely try the pizza!

          1. I have their pizza a couple of times a week and can't say enough about it. The website you posted has the pizza schedule as well ... red onions, roma tomatoes, kalamata olives, garlic oil, pepper and parmesan today - YUM.