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Japanese breakfast in SF?

Andrew Raskin Jun 19, 2001 08:51 PM

Is there any place that serves Japanese breakfast in SF? In NY, I used to go to the Kitano hotel sometimes. Anything like that here?

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    Deb H. Jun 20, 2001 01:18 PM


    I can't help you out here, but you're actually *looking* for Japanese breakfast? You're much better than I am. I'm cranky in the morning and looking for comfort food, not raw egg & grilled fish -- can be adventurous at lunch/dinner, but somehow not at breakfast. It was a (minor) problem at ryokans & onsens in Japan. Anyone else like that?

    Deb H.

    P.S. I wonder if some of the larger hotels around Union Square with lots of Japanese tourists have Japanese breakfasts?

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    1. re: Deb H.
      Andrew Raskin Jun 20, 2001 02:12 PM

      What is more comforting in the morning than grilled fish?

      Okay, I admit the salt content of Japanese breakfast gets to me after like 5 minutes. But it's been a while, so my body has completely forgotten that issue.

      When I lived in Japan, I developed a thing for wasabi-zuke in the morning. Wasabi-zuke is pieces of wasabi pickled in kasu, the mash byproduct of making sake. I sometimes get it at one of the Japantown grocery stores (Japantown SF!) and eat it along with rice, or even better, as a less-traditional shmear on toast.

      I got to like it because once, when I was a student in Japan, my homestay mother served me milk in the morning. I never drank milk straight before that (i.e., without some kind of chocolatey sugary powder). I didn't want to be rude, so I just drank it all in one gulp. The next day, figuring I really loved milk, she gave me a really tall glass. Again not wanting to be rude I gulped it down. The next day I got two glasses. Needless to say, the stakes went up every morning. Wasabi-zuke was like a chaser so I didn't have to taste the milk, but then I got to like it.

      I think the hotel thing may be the best chance. I'll call around if no one knows of any place.

      1. re: Andrew Raskin
        Deb H. Jun 20, 2001 09:26 PM

        You know, I was thinking that the Nikko Hotel (222 Mason St., 415/394-1111) has *got* to have Japanese breakfasts. That's where my former colleagues from Japan stay when they're in town. The concierge at the Nikko Hotel is evidently knowledgeable about Japanese resources in the city (gee, how surprising) -- I'm sure they could point you to nearby restaurants with Japanese breakfast if by some fluke they don't offer it.

        Deb H.

        1. re: Deb H.
          Andrew Raskin Jun 20, 2001 10:48 PM

          I actually called them this afternoon. Their "beef-n'-sushi" place Anzu serves a combo Japanese/American breakfast buffet in the morning. It sounded kinda weak -- just some okayu, pickles, and miso soup, basically -- so I'm going to see what else I can find.

          Anyone? Anyone?

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