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Dec 4, 2003 01:41 PM

Thai One On -- Towson

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Had a friend in town from the Left Coast and hiked all the way up to Towson to meet for dinner. Did my Chowhound research and discovered a recommended restaurant "Thai One On" was only a couple blocks from his hotel, so we went there. Split three appetizers (satay, spring roll, and hot shrimp salad with spicy dressing) and had two duck entrees (panang curry and with onions, ginger, and scallions). Also had room for desset -- the recommended black sweet rice with coconut meat. I definitely would go back to this place if it weren't 70 (!) miles away. I wish this were my local Thai place instead of Thai Old Town (comfort food but definitely not *interesting*).

The shrimp salad thing was pretty spicy but still had flavor in addition to the heat. A nose-runner, tho. The spring roll as good, not greasy, with actual shrimp pieces inside. The peanut dressing for the satay looked fresh made in some fashion as opposed to the creamy peanut butter looking stuff one usually gets. My friend liked his duck panang okay, but had actually been looking for something a bit more coconut creamy, less spicy. He liked my duck dish better. I thought his panang tasted "fresher" somehow than the one I get locally. The dessert was yummy -- kind of like eating brown rice with sugar with some softened coconut slices draped over the top.

If you find yourself way the heck up in Towson, it's worth stopping by.


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  1. Absolutely! From what I understand, there is an authentic cook in the kitchen, despite having both a Thai and Japanese menu. She cooks for the staff and will turn up the heat if you ask.

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    1. re: Sam

      It's my sister's favorite Thai place but when I ate there with her I was unimpressed. I think I need to go again!

      1. re: Hon

        A word of warning: I like the Thai, but the sushi is uninspiring. Going across York Road to Sushi Hana gets you much better sushi. If you're not eating the Thai food, go elsewhere.

        1. re: Jon Parker

          You are absolutely correct, Jon. Sushi Hana has the best Sushi...and Thai One On has the best Thai.

          1. re: KiahBoo16

            NO Greenleaf on york rd has the best Sushi hands down

    2. I agree, and luckily live about 10 minutes away! Next time you're there, try the duck salad....very hot stuff but yummy! I disagree with the sushi nay-sayers...if you sit at the sushi bar the guys will make great things for you. That said, I've never tried Sushi Hana...

      1. We had lunch here today and was very pleased. I had the drunken noodles which were very spicy, just the way I like it. My son enjoyed his sushi. The spring roll were also very good. We had sticky rice and mango to finish it off. We liked it so much we will be going back next weekend.