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Nov 14, 2003 01:33 PM

Where to eat near Arena Stage Theater

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Going to a Sunday matinee at Arena Stage theater this weekend and I am looking for nearby restaurant suggestions for lunch/brunch. Any kind of cuisine is fine, would prefer to be within walking distance of the theater. Thanks!

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  1. One of the most neglected restaurants in DC is also perfectly acceptable for your pre-theatre outing: Zanzibar. It is passed by in favor of some of the worst restaurants in DC, those 'seafood' houses whose relationship to the ocean is no better than Mrs. Paul's, and maybe less fresh. It is upscale African inspired fusion. I had a salad that featured duck, and also the one of shrimp, and they were both quite good. True, it's a funky place, but maybe the tastiest option around. They do lunch on Saturday and brunch on Sunday.