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Nov 13, 2003 12:06 PM


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just found that I'll be in Williamsburg VA for most of next week on business...any chowish recommendations?

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  1. Don't miss the Trellis

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    1. re: Amy

      People love the Trellis and I cannot figure out why. We have eaten there 3 times and have had terrible servers everytime. They seemed to be very non-caring and yet intimated me enough that I left very generous tips each time. (The tip matched the service one would expect from a restaurant like this!)

      For an outstanding dining experience, spend your money at the Williamsburg Inn......the service could not be any better and the food is outstanding.

      1. re: K

        i admit it's been awhile...but my husband's company used to host a dealer meeting in williamsburg every year...& i loved the trellis because at that time, i could go for a long walk with our dogs while he was in meetings & have a nice lunch on the patio WITH the dogs....

        1. re: K

          I'ma big fan of the Colonial Williamsburg restaurants (except for the seafood one). Excellent steaks and peanut soup.

      2. 1. Pierce's pit BBQ.

        2. A hot Holly sandwich at Paul's Deli on Richmond Rd. near the stadium, beer at the Green Leaf next door.

        3. Sandwiches from The Cheese Shop on DoG St.

        4. Italian at Sal's in the Food Lion shopping center on Richmond Rd.

        1. There are many Williamsburg threads over on the Mid-Atlantic board. Chocolate dessert at the Trellis is a must!


          1. Second on Pierce's for BBQ -- dig the slight hint of cinnamon in the sauce.

            For breakfast, skip every single steak and pancake house on 60 (what is it with Williamsburg and these places?) and head to the Old Chickahominy House (off of 199, I think). The OCH pancakes (can't remeber if they were corn or regular) might be the best I have ever had. Thick but not dry and with a nice crunch on the outside. Country ham biscuits are great too.


            1. is based in Williamsburg. It's the best importer of Spanish products to the US, seems like it would be a fun place to visit (though not as fun as Spain, itself, of course).