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Nov 11, 2003 04:11 PM

Shemshad: Persian Food in Silver Spring

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There's a recently-opened Persian restaurant (well, I'm assuming they're new because they still have their "Grand Opening" sign up) in the upper reaches of Silver Spring, in a strip shopping center along New Hampshire Avenue (past White Oak, but before the Hampshire Greens golf course development). I've driven by it a few times now when running errands up in that area, and have been thinking about giving it a try. Has anyone else eaten there yet, or know someone who has? Any thoughts? The location doesn't look that inspiring, but as we all know there are many chow-worthy gems hidden away in nondescript little shopping centers . . .

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  1. Is Shemshad in the same strip mall as Angelo's Italian Foods (15527 New Hampshire Ave 301-622-4430) up past Safeway but before Rt 198? I know there was one kabob place in that center, but I've not been there in a while. What is the nearest cross street on New Hampshire to Shemshad?



    1. I think that area is called Cloverly, and in the strip center to your right headed north there was a kebab place called Mani's I think. Could be they changed their name & management...?

      1. Yes, it just opened last week in the Cloverly area of northern Silver Spring. It is called Kabob N Karahi
        15521 New Hampshire Ave.
        Silver Spring, MD 20905

        At first glance, it looks like a take out type place in the strip mall, but it is actually roomy and the decor is tastefully simple and pleasant for eating there. The food is quite good and spiced just right. Favorably priced. There are a few specials each night of the week which they dish out right up front. This is nice for when you are in a hurry to bring dinner home. They are pretty busy already! Note that last week, the credit card machine wasn't working but should be fixed soon if not already.

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          This has captured my interest. Is it next to, or close, to that wonderful bakery that sits in a strip perpendicular to New Hampshire?

          1. re: mdfoodlover

            "wonderful bakery"? I drive through that area occasionally and would love a line on a wonderful bakery. What's it called?

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              The bakery was called Ovis Yobis and I loved it! Unfortunately, there was not enough foot traffic, so they sold it. That bakery wasn't nearly as good and now it is closed I think. Very sad.

              1. re: hey_va

                I think the reference is to the Upper Crust bakery which directly across from the new Kabob restaurant and next to the Giant.

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                  Ovis Yobis closed and was replaced by a little pho place with a very limited menu (even more limited that the usual pho place). Upper Crust (next to Giant at the corner of New Hampshire and Randolph) is the best bakery in the area. I'm not aware of a Persian restaurant around here, but I'd LOVE to learn about such a place if it exists.

              2. re: hey_va

                It is open late, till 1am on Friday and Saturday. The food off the steam table, the sides mainly were a little tired but nicely flavored. I had a dish of greens with potatoes that really came to life with a litle lemon juice. My main was 2 seekh kabobs that were well flavored but just a tad dry from over cooking, but nicely charred from an obviously hot tandoor. There were nice with the chutney but if they can dial in the cooking time, it will be really incredible, Indique level or better. $7.99 for both and a tandoor baked naan which was uneven, thin and crackery in parts, chewy and soft in others. It was stuck on the side of the tandoor a few seconds too long. The chutney was good once I asked for it. Also came with a little salad but it was undressed and needed something.
                I also had a chat samosa, the samosa maybe a little greasy but it was covered in nicely spiced, very soft garbanzos in a great sauce/gravy. Very rich.

                All in all, if they just tweak the cooking times a little and get the naan more even before putting it in the tandoor, this place will be a great stop for late night dinners. For just being open a short while, I think it is a great addition to the area and well worth repeat visits. $10 and change.

                Next time I will try the lamb kebab.