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Nov 7, 2003 11:26 AM

El Pollo Primo?

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Has anyone tried El Pollo Primo on Rockville Pike? Is the chicken better than Crisp and Juicy in Rockville or El Pollo Rico in Wheaton? What sides do you recommend there?

I'll probably give it a try regardless, but just curious before I venture out. Thanks!

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  1. Thumbs up for EPP - the first Latino/Perivian carry-out in Mo Co. It's a hole in the wall, but I like theirs & Pollo Rico's chicken better than Crisp & Juicy. You can roll up their chicken in tortillas with salsa, rice & beans (EPR doesn't have that option)...

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      I, too, like El Pollo Primo's chicken the best. The tortilla roll up thing is my favorite part. I can get dinner for my husband and I, carry out, for less than $15 and still have food left over. These leftovers definitely get eaten.

    2. This is a late response, but I was just doing a recent search on this place since I haven't been in some time.
      El Pollo Primo is one of the earliest chicken joints on Rockville Pike. Since I was a kid, my parents would order take-out since it's not such a big place to dine it. It used to be busy all the time. I don't know what it's like now since I haven't been to in a year, but my Salvadoran mother still prefers their chicken over any others. I think Crisp and Juicy is way too salty and the spices overwhelm the natural chicken taste. I think El Pollo Primo is a little cheaper to. I could be wrong. I believe the last time we went, El Pollo Primo had started serving pupusas, but we didn't try those even though they looked all stuffed and yummy. I've always liked the simplicity of the place. We ordered only a whole chicken that I believe came with thin corn tortillas that seemed as though they were homemade. Even if they weren't, they did a fine job in heating them up. I also like their salsas...not too salty and not too overbearing.

      I haven't been to La Limena in Ritchie Center, but I hear from my sister that their alfajores are fantastic (that's irrelevant to the chicken topic..I've been trying to find some great alfajores). And she liked their yucca. But you can't really do wrong on crisp yucca.