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Jun 14, 2001 01:38 PM

Seduction Planning: Been to Woodwards, Elisabeth Daniel, outside at F. Cinema, now where?

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So, my girlfriend is coming home a few days from London on Tuesday and she wants to take me to dinner as I am a laid off slob. She and I eat out quite a bit and have been around the "food block." Where is a great place for quiet conversation, fabulous food & wine, in the price range of say, Dine and Delfina?
Both places are way too loud for what I am looking for. Anyone know about Cafe Jacqueline and the souffles?

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  1. I just ate at Meetinghouse and the food is good, but it's much quieter than most places. The crowd seems slightly older too.

    You could try sushi at Kabuto. Sit at the bar, as the quality is better there.

    1. Perhaps you might consider pre-dinner drinks at a friendly North Beach lounge, dinner at a friendly NB restaurant-Ideale, DaFlora, House, Helmand- then for dessert , souffle at Cafe Jacqueline, followed by a walk to Coit Tower to peruse the bay. Everything is within walking distance. You could make a res at Cafe J and have the souffle waiting for you when you walk in.