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Jun 13, 2001 03:08 AM

More seasonal fare!

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A new addition to an older thread....

The summer crops are sprouting up at the farmers markets. I got some very fresh central valley corn this morning that was unreal! Not just the cloying sugar of most commercial varieties of corn, but depth of flavor as well. Get the Blenheim apricots while you can. These little jewels will only be around for another 2 weeks or so. They are my all time favorite apricots. Make sure to eat them within about 48 hours of their purchase, they do NOT keep well. Berkeley Bowl has some ripe black mission figs. I didn't find a good ripe fig all summer last year, so these were a revelation. Cherries are still good now, this has been an exceptional year, so eat up! They will soon be just a sweet memory. I have had strawberries (other than home grown) that were heavenly. I have even had great peaches from the (gasp!) supermarkets. With all that said tonights seasonal fare.

Black Mission figs with proscutto

Arugula and Blenheim apricots tossed with extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper.

Grilled rockfish

Corn on the cob

Vannila ice cream

Sometimes nature provides your table with such heavenly fare you need to do little other than let those flavors and textures shine!


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  1. brandon,

    would you take pity on an ill little chowhoundy and send over a care package? mouthwatering and i'm sure, just what the doctor ordered!

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    1. re: Rochelle
      Brandon Nelson

      Hope you are feeling better my dear

      I was sick as a dog about 2 monthes ago. I lost 12 lbs. Sorry folks, I can't recommend the diet :)

      Get Well Soon!