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Jun 13, 2001 01:19 AM

Chef Edwards BBQ- Recharging body and soul

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We have all had those days...

An errand I was on in Oaklands Chinatown was frought with disasters. Too much road work. Parking nightmares, the closure of the Posey tube. I was fully prepared to simply stop at Berkeley Bowl and get the hell out of Dodge. Then I spied Chef Edwards.

It was 1:20 and my tummy simply overroad all other controlling factors. Lunch time! I ordered up pork roast, black eyed peas, and greens. The meat was lightly smokey, lean and tender. The mild sauce left a little to be desired. Not thick enough, nor complex enough, to take on Flints. Not bright and sassy like Everett and Jones. Edwards side dishes are another story. These lesser stars shine as brightly as the meat. I now fully understand why these dishes are soul standards. This meal brought me back to a place where I would be able to smile through the rest of my day.

The staff, and my lone fellow countermate also did wonders for my mood. They made me feel like I had grown up in the neighborhood and was a cherished regular. They also left me with this sage advice, Gentlemen, when you are in the dog house don't bring you lady flowers, bring her barbeque! True Chowhounds!


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