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Oct 27, 2003 01:54 PM

Chubby's BBQ

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Stopped by Chubby's on Route 15 north just inside Maryland.
I saw the sign going to PA, and on the way back stopped by.
The guy does a little bit of everything!
Anyone else had his BBQ?
I had the pulled pork, and took brisket home.

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  1. How was it?

    1. Yes, how was it? We've passed by it a couple of times but have never stopped. If it's good (or bad), let us know please!

      1. The pork was very tender.
        And the beef as well.
        He has a stack of wood outside, and you can smell the wood stove on the inside.
        Not to mention he gives you a lot of it!
        Lot of cars parked, and as we left many more pulling up. If you like hot sauce, better take your own. Im a hot sauce fan. Nice guy running the place.

        1. Ummm, no... Ribs are very tender and the meat comes cleanly off the bone, BUT flavor? Nope. The rub seemed to be peppercorn and nothing else. Not sweet, not spicy, a little greasy.

          The pulled pork was very very fatty.

          The "original" sauce was good, but nothing great. The "private reserve" was a mediocre honey mustard type of sauce, Tennasee Jones was ok also(the duct table label/sharpie writing was nice). Didn't try the "yikes" or the hot.

          Baked beans tasted sour, potato salad was blan, and the cream of crab tasted spoiled/overwhelmingly vinegary...

          There were two young female waitresses, and someone cooking in the back. I could see how this place COULD be fun after a long ride with a bunch of friends, but there was zero atmosphere. I typically like roadside dives, but this one wouldn't make my top 100.

          The best part of this place was the signage. "Unattended Children will be given an espresso and a free puppy" and the sign below the "Use other door" arrow which stated "are you still pushing on this door?"

          Portions were a decent size...

          Save your money, buy a McRib from McDonalds. I've had better ribs at every chain restaurant I've ever been.

          Funniest thing is, they had "BARBEQUE PARADISE" playing in the background from the travel chanel, Chubby's could learn a thing or twenty from the BBQ joints on this show.

          Don't go here and expect great food.

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            I had my Chubby's experience today. Usually I make this run from Falls Gulch to Boston starting early morning and driving all day, but I'm getting too old for that and decided this time to stop half way, and plan lunch at Chubby's.

            Eh. I had the pulled pork sandwich. It wasn't too fatty, but it wasn't very smoky either. Neither sauce was particularly interesting. It was far too much food (no wonder they call it "Chubby's") for too much money - sandwich with fries ($10), iced tea ($2 - they wouldn't serve me tap water, said it was unsafe), tax, and tip was over $14! I've had better lunches for less in better places downtown DC. And now I'm not hungry enough to eat dinner.

            Well, I tried. If I find myself on that road again at lunch time, I'll go to Wendy's.

          2. Finally got to try Chubby's in Emittsburg, MD. Had the pulled pork sandwich.

            Easily the best pulled pork I've had in years. Served in large chunks (which I am not usually partial to). Pork was nice and moist throughout with large pieces of crusty exterior.

            It's important to get this without sauce on it as the hot sauce is the only one I can abide by. I added a little bit of that at the table.

            Excellent smoke flavor, excellent all around.