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Jun 12, 2001 12:20 AM

Dinner at Meetinghouse

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Just had a very good dinner at Meetinghouse - 4 of us walked in at about 6:40pm today (Monday) and got a table right away.

I had bites of:

rock shrimp johnnycakes with excellent crunchy shrimp

two very juicy softshell crabs (ordered it right away when the waitress described it and said they were just in season) with a mild mustard/pesto-like sauce. Crabs were great, but the shells were not as crispy because the juices had moistened them. Still pretty good.

mint ice cream sandwich with house hot fudge - very notable for their use of fresh mint

a very light strawberry shortcake with a scone like layer, fresh strawberries, an airy whipped cream and a nuanced but not overbearing wine sauce.

Service was outstanding. The dining room was very comfortable and charming. Not loud at all - it was easy to hold a conversation at normal voice level.

Overall I thought it was a great meal, and would recommend the place. Nevertheless, I've eaten just as well for slightly less (e.g. Dine, Cosmopolitan Cafe, Cobalt Tavern....)

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