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just curious...does anyone else like maui blanc?

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i have already been sneered at by the bartender at the bay club in kapalua for this, but i'm old enough to figure that if i like it, what the hay, that's all the matters...

i LOVE it & managed to bring two bottles back with me last week..it's not what i want to drink ALL the time, but sometimes it is just perfect...

anybody???? as i said, just curious.....

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    1. re: C3961L

      i have tasted it and my response is gag me!

      however, if you like it that's great. frankly, needn't give a rip what others my think.

      just enjoy it :)

      1. re: Transplanted Texan

        Wine produced from pineapples by Tedeschi Vineyards, Ltd., (HC 1 Box 953 Kula, HI 96790-9304; T: 877-878-6058; E: info@mauiwine.com). They produce several different wines -- most from grapes, some from pineapples -- but it's the Maui Blanc for which they are most famous.

        1. re: zin1953

          Always a sort of a rotten after taste to me.

          1. re: wineman3

            I've never been a big fan. I usually use it in a blind tasting with my wine classes . . . "Guess this wine!"

            1. re: zin1953

              I'll bet you hit the poor students with Volcano Winery's Symphony next - right? [Grin]


      2. I really like this wine. Had it in Maui and brought some home. I can't find it where I live and being a NJ resident can't order direct from the vinyard. So I have to order by the case from a Cali distributer.
        I save it for special occasions : )

        1. It is all about what you like, and no one in the service industry should raise an eyebrow.

          Now, Maui Blanc is not my "thing," but we did put in a case for a lu`au some years back. It did not flow that well, but then we did have some "other" choices. Still, those who enjoyed it, well, enjoyed it.

          While I might not be a fan, that is totally immaterial, and should never be taken into consideration.



          1. You can find it at most Binny's Beverage Depots.

            1. Yes we love it and when we go to Florida we order in
              advance from ABC Fine Wine and Spirits and pickup a case. We moved to SC from NJ 8 years ago and now it
              is easier for us to get it. ABC has stores throughout Florida. And you don't have to deal with a delivery charge
              as if you would if you had it shippped. Hope this helped

              1. I love Maui Blanc.

                I get it at Bev and Mo.