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Oct 24, 2003 01:34 AM

just curious...does anyone else like maui blanc?

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i have already been sneered at by the bartender at the bay club in kapalua for this, but i'm old enough to figure that if i like it, what the hay, that's all the matters...

i LOVE it & managed to bring two bottles back with me last's not what i want to drink ALL the time, but sometimes it is just perfect...

anybody???? as i said, just curious.....

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    1. re: C3961L

      i have tasted it and my response is gag me!

      however, if you like it that's great. frankly, needn't give a rip what others my think.

      just enjoy it :)

      1. re: Transplanted Texan

        Wine produced from pineapples by Tedeschi Vineyards, Ltd., (HC 1 Box 953 Kula, HI 96790-9304; T: 877-878-6058; E: They produce several different wines -- most from grapes, some from pineapples -- but it's the Maui Blanc for which they are most famous.

        1. re: zin1953

          Always a sort of a rotten after taste to me.

          1. re: wineman3

            I've never been a big fan. I usually use it in a blind tasting with my wine classes . . . "Guess this wine!"

            1. re: zin1953

              I'll bet you hit the poor students with Volcano Winery's Symphony next - right? [Grin]


      2. I really like this wine. Had it in Maui and brought some home. I can't find it where I live and being a NJ resident can't order direct from the vinyard. So I have to order by the case from a Cali distributer.
        I save it for special occasions : )

        1. It is all about what you like, and no one in the service industry should raise an eyebrow.

          Now, Maui Blanc is not my "thing," but we did put in a case for a lu`au some years back. It did not flow that well, but then we did have some "other" choices. Still, those who enjoyed it, well, enjoyed it.

          While I might not be a fan, that is totally immaterial, and should never be taken into consideration.



          1. You can find it at most Binny's Beverage Depots.