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Oct 23, 2003 08:45 AM

Ellicott city, MD

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Any suggestions on a nice place in Ellicott City to eat that's not too expensive but kind of quiet for a birthday dinner?


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  1. Don't know if I'd suggest it for a birthday dinner(!), but eggspectation is the best breakfast spot on the planet...I live in Arlingon and I drive up there at least once a month just to eat their eggs me montreal flashbacks!

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    1. re: carl

      There's an Eggspectations in downtown Silver Spring, one block from Metro.

      1. re: Mister Big

        Yes, I was going to post this too, but he probably already found it years ago.

    2. Nice AND inexpensive in Ellicott City? That's tough.

      Personally, I'd splurge a little and go for Jordan's. The downstairs dining room is nice, quiet and great for a birthday dinner. Upstairs is great too during their "jazz nights," but it's not as quiet.

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      1. re: johngordonboyle

        I'm pretty sure that he's probably found a birthday locale by now. While I liked Jordan's when they first opened (around the time this was originally posted), I would not recommend them, especially for the price, anymore. Tersiguel's down the street or Cafe de Paris would be a better experience.

        1. re: Jason1

          Totally agree. Jordan's used to be one of our favorite places to go a year or so back but they have gone so downhill in service that we refuse to go back.

      2. You'd need to define inexpensive, but I'd recommend Cafe de Paris. It's not in Ellicott City, but it's nearby. They have a prix fix menu that's like $43 per person for appetizer, entree and dessert. Delicious food, nice relaxing atmosphere, and a great deal to boot.

        Jordan's is expensive, period.

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        1. re: JonParker

          When I worked in Columbia I used to occasionally go to Ellicott Mills on lobster night. I think on Tuesday or Wednedsay nights they had a lobster dinner for something like $10.99. I don't know if they still offer that.

          1. re: 4X4

            They do. We were there about a month ago and it was lobster night. I *think* it was a Wednesday. Didn't have the lobster but many others were.