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Jun 11, 2001 04:29 PM

Pacific East Seafood (again), the Banana Club and danishes

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Last night we returned with a larger party to Pacific East Seafood with excellent results -- just wanted to share. Some of these dishes were worth traveling for.

We ordered a pound of steamed shrimp to begin. These were phenomenal. Served plain (there is a dipping sauce but I didn't bother), they smelled intensely shrimpy, and then when peeled were the sweetest most succulent creatures you could imagine. They were very lightly cooked, retaining an almost raw texture, but with the sweet fragrance of their cooking. The heads were super juicy and I'm sure some would love to suck them, but I wasn't quite brave enough. For another app: the seafood salad w/hoisin in lettuce cups. Perfect combination of crunch, sweetness and salt. Mains included sauteed crab with sweet rice -- with the crab as terrifically crabby as the shrimp had been shrimpy, and the yellow sticky rice addictive; peking duck (fine, nothing too exciting) and chinese tender greens. We ordered honey walnut prawns which the waiter forgot to bring, but we were too stuffed to care. When I pointed out to the (really really nice) waiter that the dish was on the bill he was sooooo apologetic, the maitre d' came over to apologize again and we all got free dessert on the house (I had not complained at all, wasn't remotely upset, had merely pointed out the mistake). For shellfish-lovers this restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

Also noticed that a new restaurant has opened right next door to the mall called "The Banana Club" which promises "Malaysian, Singaporean and Thai Food." The parking lot was packed. I can't wait to try this place. Maybe we can organize another Chowhound East Bay feed? People should let me know if interested.

And last: a contribution to the danish diaries. Well, it's not quite a danish, but I wanted to alert late-sleepers and lunch-timers that Acme sells the most delicious apple turnovers and apple tarts in the morning -- but you have to get there early, they often sell out within the first hour. They also sell a wonderful ham and cheese turnover to pop in the toaster oven later in the day for lunch :)

Happy chowing!

Rachel Hope

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  1. Chalk it up to pregnancy-brain -- because I know I read Gordon's message -- but I forgot that the opening of the Banana Garden had already been cited here! Alright, now we all know about the restaurant, who's going to try it?

    1. YUM! thanks for the info on Pacific East --that sounds great, and truly worth a trip across the bay for this SF gal. But what I'm really interested in are the Acme apple turnovers-they sound sublime. Can't wait to see how they compare to the Liberty Cafe's and the Downtown Bakery's versions (so far my 2 fave apple turnovers). Do they sell them at the San Pablo Acme bakery? And what time do they open? thanks so much!

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        Acme opens at 8:00 Mon-Sat and 9:00 on Sundays. Yes I am referring to the store on San Pablo and Cedar. Is there another one?

        p.s. had a ham-and-chees turnover for lunch today. Mmmm....

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        Alexandra Eisler

        Hi Rachel,

        Your post got me out of the house yesterday morning, teething baby in tow, to try the apple turnovers at Acme. No joy, they weren't out of the oven, but I did buy some "round buns" for hamburgers and they were phenomenal-crisped up nicely on the grill and help up to the really juicy Niman Ranch burgers.