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Jun 11, 2001 02:50 PM

San Francisco for one night

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I am going to be in San Francisco this coming Friday night and am trying to decide where my friend and I should go for dinner. We're looking for funky atmosphere (fun, straight/mixed bar scene) as well as great food. Medium priced -- anywhere except remote neighborhoods (we're staying at the Pan Pacific)... I've been there many times and have eaten in Chinatown, the Mission and North Beach so am semi familiar but can't think of a great place.
Any suggestions?

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  1. For a funky atmosphere with good food, check out Asia SF (9th St at Howard) 255-2742

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      Noooo--AsiaSF is a tourist joint and the food is pretty lame. For something more sophisticated, try Betelnut up on Union Street--very fun (if very crowded) bar scene, good Asian-fusion tapas-type food.

    2. I highly recommend Mecca for that cool/funky/straight/gay/beautiful people/good food/ fun atmosphere kinda night... It's on upper Market. Please see attached link.

      Have fun!