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Jun 10, 2001 07:45 PM

SanFrancisco BURRITOs!

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We are Explorers on a quest - in search of the BEST and/or most interesting San Francisco burritos!
A brave, diverse and hearty crew, we've been journeying to a new burrito venue as a group every one or two weeks, would LOVE some Chowhound suggestions (and chowhound company)! Recently, we've done El Farolito, Tacqueria Cancun, and Pancho Villa. What and Where is the BEST San Francisco burrito to be found??!!
(If you want to join or contact us off chowhound, write to

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  1. Check out La Corneta on Diamond in Glen Park -- there's one in the Mission, but I haven't been to that one. Excellent steak and prawn burritos and carnitas burritos. I'm not a fan of chicken burritos, but they have three kinds there: chicken, spicy chicken, and chicken mole. They don't serve lengua (one of my favorite fillings) at the Glen Park location, but I notice (according to a menu posted on the web)that they do serve it at their Mission spot.