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Jun 10, 2001 12:22 PM

recommodations for Rutherford south to Napa

  • c

Would like any suggestions for good food on a Tuesday night only, Rutherford south to Napa. Of my two sisters and mother, one is going for the wine and the others are going for the food. Wanted an intimate winery that served good food so called Robert Sinsky but they said we had to join their winery club and sign up for scheduled dinners. Our problem also is it has to be Tuesdaynight and I understand most restaurants are closed on Monday and Tuesday(Domaine Chandon, Terra,etc). So any suggestions for Tuesday night only, Rutherford south to Napa and a full bar would be so appreciated by this beginning chowhound. We will be going to FL on Wednesday. Thank you in advance! Will post my experiences,good, bad or indifferent.

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  1. c
    Christine Vallejo

    Has anybody suggested Bistro Don Giovanni - Hwy. 29 and (close to) Solano Avenue? I haven't been there in a while but always enjoyed the meals I took there.