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  • Marjorie Zeidner Jun 7, 2001 02:57 PM
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I am going to the wine country in Aug and would like some restaurant advice. I would love some restaurants that are low key with great food featuring localroduce. Thanks

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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    Your request is not uncommon of the SF Bay Area board, but that is not to say that it is unwelcome. Since I'm somewhat of a Chowhounds rookie, though well travelled and well fed, I will take this opportunity (especially since no one else has replied) to impart upon you a few pearls of wisdom that I've been able to collect whilst residing in Sonoma County the past 2 years (and the Bay Area for 26 prior to that).
    You can scan through the archives (as I have done) to see many other fine restaurant recommendations in Sonoma, Napa, etc from Chowhounds certainly more eloquent and detail oriented than myself. Two recommdations I have in Sonoma are 1) the General's Daughter on Spain Street for brunch (I assume their other meals are equally as nice, though I've only tried the brunch there). A second recommdation would be to eat the dinner that you make in Sonoma at Ramekins Sonoma Valley Culinary School - next to the General's Daughter (I'm not affiliated, just a fan). If you know how to prefix your www. and suffix your .com you be able to find Ramekins and the schedule of classes offered in August (FYI they also offer a B&B). For the price of a nice dinner out, you get to learn how to make what is served, meet some nice people with similar interests and enjoy a couple of glasses of local wine. Ramekins offers a nice variety of cooking classes at a reasonable price. I prefer the hands on cooking classes, though I see that John Ash is demonstrating "The Tomato Class" on August 16th. John Ash is a local celebrity with an excellent namesake restaurant that he consults for (now owned by the Ferrari-Carano Winery) in Santa Rosa; his class would be an excellent choice.


    Andy Jacob

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      Andy, welcome to the board and thanks for jumping in! Nice to have another Sonoma resident on line with us.

      Since you mentioned Ferrari-Carano winery, let me repeat the offer from Laura Petersen (fcwinery@wco.com)who manages VIP customer relations there. She's offering a special tour and tasting for chowhounds who make an appointment with her.