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May 28, 2001 05:37 PM

new Malaysian/Singapore/Thai eats

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a new restaurant is about to open - right next to the Ranch 99/Far East Asian Mall. It's going in where there used to be a Japanese restaurant on Pierce St. Bamboo Garden is the new name and it features Malaysian/Singaporean/Thai food according to the sign. more as it unfolds....

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  1. ...we're standing by for breaking news and a tasting report from your backyard...

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Banana Garden is now open and features the foods of Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand. I went in and picked up a menu in the middle of the afternoon....but didn't have lunch. Looking through the menu I see Hainanese Chicken Rice, Thai Curries, Roti, Satay, Rendang Beef, Curry Fish Heads, Laksa, Singapore Rice Noodles....more later.

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        You and Rachel are such teases. Tried it yet? Thumbs up or down?