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May 27, 2001 04:23 AM

Jasmine House on Clement and 24th

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Just ate at Jasmine House, an excellent but also slightly pricey Vietnamese place. I had:

Vietnamese crepes chock full of crunchy bean sprouts and a reasonable amount of shrimp and boiled chicken. Comes with lettuce leaves, which one wraps the crepes in, together with pickled carrot, sliced cucumber and mint leaves. Quite appealing, and the crepes are nicely crispy.

Salmon in a mushroom and garlic sauce - fantastic rendition of the fish. Lotsa garlic. The mushroomy sauce sauce is sweetened with onions and piqued with cracked black pepper (excellent touch!). The tang from squeezed lemons does wonders to the sauce; it's a really good match for the fresh and well prepared fish - slightly crispy from the pan on the outside and tender on the inside. I loved this one.

Fried bananas in honey for dessert. Good but nothing special.

I felt that the price tag was on the high side ($41.00 for above + 1 iced coffee + tip), but the quality of the dishes makes me think that it's worth it. Portions are big, and the above would have fed 2 small eaters (I shared the crepe and the dessert with a friend). Service was gracious and gentle.

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