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Jul 22, 2003 08:51 PM

Brazilian BBQ in Aspen Hill

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A few months ago, I saw a sign for a Brazilian BBQ in Aspen Hill, MD on Georgia Ave. Up to now, I had been unable to actually locate the restaurant. Today, I saw that the signage had changed. The actual place is called Pa Tropi. It is in the same shopping center as the Lotte grocery and the Outback (Mis)Steak House. I went in to grab a menu and get a look at the place, and a man I took to be the owner showed me around. He took me into the kitchen and showed me the skewers of meat. I must say, it looked and smelled good. The BBQ is all-you-can-eat for $15.95. It seems like a good deal. The only downside is that the place is decorated in early Subway. I would love to try it, although I am not sure the hard seats would suit my wife. Maybe I can get my son to go with me. If anyone else tries the place, I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Sidenote:
    Greenfield Churacsarria in Rockville, MD (rockville pike) is good, although I think it was $25pp for dinner.

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      Although I've never actually eaten at Greenfield, I understand it is more comfortably appointed, with an enormous salad bar (and larger crowds). This place had a much smaller setup, with more Spartan accomodations. Having not actually eaten at either place, I cannot comment on the relative quality of the victuals.

      1. re: Paul Green

        We eat at Greenfields about every other month or so. It is very comfortable, much larger, much more posh, has a wine list (not bad, but not more than adequate for the level of restaurant) and a large salad bar. In fact, we like it very much whenever we are in the mood for stuffing ourself and being carnivors.

        We started to go to the one in Aspen Hill, got to the door, looked in and decided to go elsewhere, it looks just to much like a lunchonette. It was not at all the level of comfort and service we were looking for that night.

        1. re: dinwiddie

          My son and I decided to eat here last night since the wife was busy. We were the only patrons in the place, though several people did come in while we were there for carry out subs.

          There is a very small salad/hot bar. The food on it was quite tasty though. Fried eggplant, fried plantains, chicken and okra (very good) beef with vegs, several starchs, etc. The guy came around with the skewers, and since we were the only ones there, we got very attentive service.

          The flank steak was great, the chicken very good, the top sirloin good, the sausages very flavorful. The pork tenderloin was very flavorful, but dry. The chicken, shish-ka-bob, turkey wrapped in bacon, and the lamb were all very flavorful and tender. The don't have a license so the choice of drink is soda, iced tea (very good btw) and fresh squeezed fruit juices.

          Total cost for two, with tea was under $40 and we left stuffed. Is it as good as Greenfields, no. Is it worth the money, yes if you are in the I want to be stuffed mood. Obviously you can eat a lot very quickly there, and there is no waiting in line like at Outback or Magic of New Orleans (also in the same shopping center)

          It isn't fancy, but they try hard and are very friendly. In fact, the guy that brought around the meats was very suprised when I gave him a tip. It won't be on my "must go" list, but it will be one of those places I have on my "need a lot to eat and I don't want to wait" list.

          Don't go expecting ambiance, but just a lot of food.

    2. Is it $15.95 at both lunch and dinner?

      1. The food at the rockville brazilian bbq was greasy and oh so salty it was 40 a person with alcohol and dessert the worst food I have ever had

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        1. re: Food12

          It's salty because it's Brazilian.

          1. re: Food12

            I went once with my wife. Never again. They should rename it Greenface or Brazilian Heartburn.