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May 22, 2001 04:44 PM

BBQ Caterer

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Hi all,

I work for a Bay Area non-profit and we're planning a staff appreciation picnic in a Berkeley park. I'm looking for a caterer who can come out to the park and BBQ for us. East Bay, West Bay, the caterer's location doesn't matter too much as long the BBQ is tasty!



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  1. You want the BBQ Boys. They travel all over Northern California. I've attended probably 10 events that they've catered and everyone has a smile on their faces. Now this is grilling, rather than 'cue. They make their own sausages, burgers are great, and I especially like this salad they make of napa cabbage, thinly sliced raw mushrooms, italian parsley, reggiano parmigiano and lemon juice. If you're planning to serve wine, they know how to make a wine friendly buffet. They get lots of business from local wineries for special events. We hired them for a b-day party at a friend's house for 50 people and they managed to pull it off in the rain. Here's a link to the website.


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      Eat your heart out, Melanie. We are off tomorrow to Kansas City (actually, Peculiar, MO)to enjoy the best BBQ in the entire world at Jack's Stack in Martin City, MO. They serve something foreign to us...burnt ends ( the overcooked ends of BBQ pork and brisket). Crispy and black, and very tasty despite their being overcooked. You don't hear much about BBQ catering in the Bay Area, and I think if they publicized a bit more, it would be very popular. In the KC area, every retirement party, bDay party, etc has catered ribs.

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        Be sure to report back (on the Midwest Board)! You haven't told us about your Tucson visit yet either.

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          Not Tucson...Scottsdale. I am sitting there as we speak. Not a lot on the Southwest board. Were planning on trying the Raging Fork or Rancho Pinot tonight or tomorrow...but both closed. Can't believe a restaurant that wants to make money closes on Mem Day weekend, but I guess the help deserves a break. Off to Tonto Grill later to check out the chili soup I told you about. Will report back.

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            Whoa! I thought I'd have a break from our chow mein discussion while you were travelling, guess I better get back to work.

            Yes, the SW board could use your contributions.

    2. Everett & Jones (Berkeley/Oakland) will cater - I'm not sure if they will come out and actually BBQ at the event but it's worth a call. I've been picking up thier BBQ for years and LOVE it!! Great ribs, chicken, BBQ pork or beef sandwiches. The sides are okay, basic greens, cornbread etc... See the link below on the Telegraph location. The woman in charge of catering at this location is Virginia. Good luck!!


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        Brandon Nelson

        Hey Darrel

        Email John Best at This dude has a massive trailer where he cooks the real deal. Wood fired slow cooked bbq. My friends buy handmade sausages from him.


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          IMHO, Flint's is at the top of the heap of Bay Area BBQ, certainly East Bay. Last time there, they were talking about converting an old fire truck into a catering-mobile. Check out the link to Jim Leff's write-up of Flint's, and call them to see if they are catering yet!

          Good luck!


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          Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

          Try Carmen's on A Street in Hayward. They have catered several large company functions for us. Good quality, good quantity, slow-smoked meats. I love their sauces. We would alwys order too much so we had plenty to take home...