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Pack Jacks BBQ some hits, some misses

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Ahhhh BBQ

I crave the stuff even more when the days get long and hot. Tanya and I were in Cotati Sunday and left our meeting with noisy tummies. I had barbeque on my mind. Rasta Dwight's and Pack Jack were both within spitting distance. Ultimately we opted for Pack Jack.

I had pork ribs with beans and cole slaw. Tanya had a two way with beef ribs and chicken. The pork ribs were adequate. They didn't carry enough smoke to totally satisfy me. The cole slaw was dressed with a vinegar and mustard mixture that was absent any mayo. Thank goodness. I have always preffered this lighter approach to slaw. The Beans were wonderful. They were cooked tender in a rich meaty smoky sauce. They carried the same smoke I had hoped to taste in my ribs. Tanya's chicken was tasty, but the beef ribs left something to be desired.

I am not a fan of beef spareribs. I believe they leave a smaller margin for error than their pork counterparts. Nearly half of the ribs on Tanyas plate resembled jerky or shoe leather. Overcooked and undermopped. Dry tough and less than a pleasure to eat

We couldn't pass on the sweets. Pecan pie and sweet potato pie rounded out our meal. The sweet potato pie was a pumpkin pie version that tasted of nutmeg and ginger. The pecan was equally tasty.

I have eaten from Pack Jack on one other occasion and there were no holes in the meal. Good from top to bottom. I was looking forward to eating there again. This time I'm less enthusiastic to return, but I will be back.


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  1. Have you had the lamb ribs yet? those and the chicken are their best offerings.

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      Brandon Nelson

      Ohhhh yeah

      The lamb rocks. After 2 trips we have been through most of the menu and the lamb is far and away my favorite. Tanya seems partial to the chicken. I like the bird, but I don't often eat chicken when I eat out. It's so?.....predictable. We were going to give Thang Long a go, but they are closed Sundays.