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May 20, 2001 10:21 PM

Red wine

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I'm planning a trip to Northern Cal from the Midwest and need some winery recommendations. My wife and I just started drinking reds (mostly Cal cabs because we like rich, full bodied wines with loads of tannis). We're looking for some smaller vinards whose wine would be unavailable in the Midwest. I realize there are tons of small vinards, however I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Oops, I meant vinyards, not vinards.

    1. There are so many small wineries that it is hard to even start, but some nice ones (with great people) are up on Spring Mountain. Call ahead to get appointments, but the following are hits and a few have the most spectacular views: Pride Mountain (you want tannins, you got 'em), Paloma (great Merlot, incredible views, great people), Schweiger (nice Cab). There is a multitude of small wineries along 29, but I always like Silverado Trail much more - less populated and much prettier. For some of the wineries, you do need reservations, so remember to call ahead. The best place for addresses and contact numbers is:

      Hope this helps.