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May 20, 2001 01:52 AM

Great food @ Greek Festival in Oakland this weekend

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Long lines tonight but probably smaller crowds tomorrow @ Greek Orthodox Church (can't get lost--use Mormon Church next door as landmark) in Oakland off 13. Great spanokopeta, tiropita, gyros, souvlakia... If you've never been it's worth stopping by just for the view of the Bay. (Any recommendations of Greek restaurants in Bay Area? Have never figured out why there are so few.)

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    Unlike many on this board, I have enjoyed my three visits to the high-end Kokkari on Jackson in the Golden Gateway area; however, it's been several months since my last visit.

    Have not tried Mykonos on Polk near California; a friend who's been to Greece likes but doesn't love it.

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      I've gotten a gyro to go at Myconos (formerly Steve the Greek). The food has improved over the prior management. Instead of mystery meat, the gyro is now composed of slices of beef and lamb. Decent but not great.