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Jul 3, 2003 03:39 PM

Owings Mills -- anyplace good to eat?

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My job relocated me from Bethesda to Owings Mills about 2 years ago. I have found very few places that are any good. There's plenty of fast food chains, chain-type restaurants (like Hops, Red Robin, Don Pablo, etc) and so on. I have found a decent enough sushi place, but nothing else. Vito's is good for pizza and subs, but man cannot live on subs and pizza alone.

Please chowhounders, tell me there are decent places to eat in Owings Mills!

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  1. There are a few places worth frequenting. New Town diner right on the west/south side of Reist' road offers tasty straightforward diner fare. The Fiesta Grill has stunning Guatemalan/Central American cuisine just south of Franklin Blvd. Cheap and friendly, too. Or drive a little further north to the Harryman institution featuring lots of meat and American food, well-prepared with good ingredients. Cibo is in an unlikely office building for chowhound grub, at 100 Painter's Mill road. Solid gourmet pizzas, excellent soups, general Mediterranean theme. It only seems like a wasteland.

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      Agree with all. Be careful at Harryman House that they don't put you in the "log cabin" room, a dark and poorly lit place. Sit on the porch near the windows. Softshells were good, as well as opa - a white fish from Hawaii. Wine prices were surprisingly reasonable

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        The idea of a Central American restaurant in Owings Mills intrigued me. When I googled Fiesta Grill Owings Mills I found the menu seems to be fairly standard American/Mexican food. Is this the place or is there somewhere else I'm missing?


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          you might want to take a peak at the original date of this thread......Fiesta Grill went out of business about 3 years ago....Unfortunately the plabe that is there now is not much better

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            Thanks. Didn't notice that. For Mexican in that area I'll stick with Mari Luna in Park Heights.

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                yes....neither one is in the same league with Mari Luna !!!

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                  Thanks for the Mari Luna tip. However, it'll have to be a Friday lunch kind of place as it's 20+ minutes from my office in Owings Mills straight down the red-light and traffic riddled Reisterstown Road.... :(


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                    Check out the sideroads -- from my sometimes office in OM (near the Metro) I travel Painters Mill to Winans to Old Court and then through some roads parallel to R'town Rd to get to Mari Luna.

        2. When we moved from Federal Hill to Owings Mills, I was in food shock. Owings Mills is the land of corporate dining. But we have managed to find some good local places. I agree with the recommendations already made and have a few to add.

          Sushi Ya - EXCELLENT sushi. We go there so much we can say we want the usual and they know what that means.

          Mezzanotte Bistro in Glynden and Liberatore's - great reasonably priced Italian and good take out

          Olive and Sesame - this is a new place for us in Pikesville. They advertise as having healthy Chinese/Japanese/Sushi. They have a huge sushi menu and everything we have had so far is good.

          Bagel shop in New Town - good bagels and yummy bagel sandwiches

          Artistic Bistro in New Town - yummy sandwiches, pastas and salads and great take-out.

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            Will have to seek out Sushi Ya. Thanks for the tip.


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              Meazzanotte Bistro ALSO changed hands about 2 years ago......IN this case the replacement is 10 times better.....MIa Carolina has excellent Italian food.....definitely reccomend the specials....and reasonably priced

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                  It's where Mezzanotte Bistro used to to Santonis in Glyndon

            2. Artful Gourmet Bistro in New Town is quite good - also has a few outdoor tables - you will need a reservation for Friday or Saturday.